Three journals of LLC “Consulting Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” have been ranked according to Classification Integrated Scientific Journals

November 23, 2017

The aim of the Integrated scientific journals classification (in Spanish CIRC) is to become a tool to obtain bibliometric indicators for different levels of aggregation based on the quality of publications.

The resulting classification consists of four groups of journals (gA, gB, gC, gD) configured according to the visibility of the journals, a fifth group of excellence was created with the most relevant journals (gA+). The construction of the scientific journals classification based on their quality by integrating the products of assessment was positively considered by the different evaluation agencies such as CNEAI, ANECA.

CIRC categorized “Problems and Perspectives in Management” (ISSN 1727-7051) and “Investment Management and Financial Innovations” (ISSN 1810-4967) as a B, and “Banks and Bank Systems” (ISSN 1816-7403) as a C.