Coming soon is a paper of Anatoliy Kolot and Oksana Gerasymenko “Market, state and business in the conditions of new economy”

July 31, 2017
The essence of the paper is to substantiate the urgent need to not only modernize the functions of the leading institutes of economy and society, but also to redefine the roles and approve a new format of interaction in the triad “market – state- business” in the conditions of realities and challenges of our time. The materials of the paper prove the necessity to form new academic thinking as for interrelationship, subordination, interdependence of the market, state and business. The authors call the potential readers to rethink the eternal postulates, well-established canons, methodological prerequisites of distant past and, at the same time, to search and perceive new facets of both the economic and noneconomic world, to form new theoretical and methodological tools, which reflect the patterns of development, philosophy of economy and society of the beginning of new millennium.