Effect of similar-to-me effect on job satisfaction and organizational trust


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The present study intended to investigate the effect of managers’ similar-to-me bias on the job satisfaction and organizational trust between public organizations staff. The current study is a descriptive-correlational applied research with quantitative data collection (questionnaire). The results of structural equation modeling analyses conducted for 80 employees of Public organizations in Ardabil, Iran, offered strong support for the proposed model. The results indicated that there was a statistically significant relationship between similar-to-me effect and job satisfaction; furthermore, organizational trust mediated the relationship between similar-to-me effect and job satisfaction. It is worth noting that there was a positive relationship between organizational trust and job satisfaction.

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    • Figure 1. Structural equation of proposed model
    • Table 1. Overall reliability of the constructs and factor loadings of indicators
    • Table 2. Summary of correlations, means and standard deviations for similar-to-me effect, organizational trust and job satisfaction
    • Table 3. Summary of path analysis