Article Processing Charges (APC)

Article processing charge (APC) is paid only after the manuscript had been reviewed and accepted for publication (only for open-access article which is distributed under the terms of any of the Creative Commons licenses). APC covers the costs of the publishing process, including peer-review administration, copy editing, hosting the files, etc. APC varies for each journal and detailed information can be found on concrete journal's page.

The Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” realizes that authors have different financial capabilities concerning APC. There are countries where governments, academic institutions, universities, etc. do not provide authors with funding in order to publish their research results. That is why the Publishing Company applies the flexible system for APC.

In order to enhance the publishing opportunities for authors from low-income countries, the Publishing Company provides a system of partial compensation of Article Processing Charges. The Publisher also offers personal discounts for some authors from these countries. In such cases the author should apply to the Publisher with a fully substantiated request concerning both discounts for APC or for a free publication. Such an application is considered in each case individually.

The Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” was founded and operates in Ukraine, which belongs to countries with lower middle income. Understanding the financial difficulties of Ukrainian scholars, the Publishing Company at the beginning of 2017 announced its intentions to sponsor the publication of several articles of Ukrainian scholars in each of its journals. Thus, 25 articles were already published free of charge and another 15 articles at a discount of 50 percent. Ukrainian authors will obtain the similar opportunity in 2018.

The Publishing Company has a close partnership with some universities (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv National Economic University, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, etc.). According to the memorandums of cooperation, the scholars from these universities obtain from the Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” significant discounts for APC. The Publishing Company invites universities from all over the world for collaboration.