Value relevance of financial statements and share price: a study of listed banks in Nigeria

  • Published December 22, 2016
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    Volume 11 2016, Issue #4 (cont.), pp. 135-143
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This paper examined the effects of value relevance of financial statements on firms share price in Nigeria. In achieving the objectives of this research, the fact book from the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market and the audited financial statement of listed banks spanning the period 2010-2014 were used. Also, a total of 15 listed banks in the Nigerian stock exchange market were selected and analyzed for the study using the purposive sampling method. However, in analyzing the research hypotheses, the study adopted the use of both descriptive statistics and the use of Fixed Effects Panel data method of data analysis technique. Findings from the study showed that a significant positive relationship existed between earnings per share (EPS) and Last day share price (LDSP). The study recommends the need for banks in the country to improve on the quality of earnings reported, since it has a stronger ability to explaining share prices of firm.

Keywords: value relevance, financial statements, Nigerian, earnings per share, last day share, price, book value per share, accounting information.
JEL Classification: M41, G21

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