The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland recommends the journals of "Business Perspectives"

August 01, 2019

According to the Directive as of November 7, 2018, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland has prepared and approved the List of journals and conferences (Komunikat Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego z dnia 31 lipca 2019 r. w sprawie wykazu czasopism naukowych i recenzowanych materiałów z konferencji międzynarodowych wraz z przypisaną liczbą punktów). The scientists will be credited the publications in these editions for assessing their work. The editions have different weight, i.e. the number of points the scientist can get. The List is used from July 31, 2019.
The List includes 4 journals of our publishing house, namely: Problems and Perspectives in Management; Investment Management and Financial Innovations; Banks and Bank Systems; Innovative Marketing.