Mendeley Library – create your own research library

May 02, 2018

The world's scientific community insists it is not enough just to observe how someone succeeds. If you want to be a successful researcher, you need to use existing tools to organize your work; popularize your own publications and yourself as a scholar, reviewer, editor, etc. Given the number of publications that appear daily on the pages of scientific journals, this is no longer an imperative of our time or additional privilege, but the necessary component of the publication submission.

The Publishing Company "Business Perspectives" shares this view, so the Mendeley Library application has been added to a number of tools, which allows you to create your personal library of other authors' publications, by topics, authors, etc., and be able to convert in MS Word for quotation transfer. To start working with it, you need to register on, on the page of the article you need, click on the corresponding icon and the article will be added to your library.

In addition to Mendeley Library, researchers use Elsevier's Mendeley software to connect with authors; it serves as a platform for posting own publications (with the possibility of importing publications from the ORCID profile); allows for creating research interest groups; the process of creating references used in accordance with the chosen citation format, etc., is automated. In a fraction of a second, the service will analyze terabytes of information and form a meaningful and structured result for the parameters you enter.

It should be remembered that regular and active communication with the scientific community via social networks will provide you with favorable conditions for uninterrupted, methodic and professional growth.