Dear colleagues,

The publishing company Business Perspectives was founded in 2003. During all years of existence, we were moving towards building a model of activity which would provide high quality of published materials, comply with publication ethics principles, and would be the most suitable for editors, reviewers, and authors. We had actively discussed these issues with many of you and, as a result, we have made an IMPORTANT STRATEGIC DECISION.

Beginning from January 2017, the company announces provision of open access to publications as a priority vector of development.

From now on, the following titles become open-access journals:
Problems and Perspectives in Management (PPM)
Investment Management and Financial Innovations (IMFI)
Banks and Bank Systems (BBS)
Environmental Economics (EE)

The following journals will be hybrid (support open-access):
Innovative Marketing (IM)
Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial Computations (IMC)
Public and Municipal Finance (PMF)
Intellectual Property and Piracy (IPP)

The publishing house points to the fact that open-access journals will have the same strict system of peer review as before.

All authors, whose papers were accepted for publication and who have signed Acceptance fee form before 23.01.2017 will be published in gold open-access. Article processing charge will remain unchanged.

For all authors who as of 23.01.2017 did not confirm the variant of publication, we offer only open-access option with the article processing charge provided on our web-site.

An embargo period for all papers that were published in journals PPM, IMFI, BBS, EE in 2016 will be removed and they will become open-access.

Thank you. If you have any questions regarding these changes, you can contact the publishing house or editorial boards of the journals.

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