Advertising Policy

LLC CPC Business Perspectives will consider advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as a means to provide value to our readers. We allow advertisement placement at our web-site and in journals.

The following policies apply to web-site and both print and electronic versions of journal publications:

  • Advertising doesnt influence editorial content in any way.
  • Published ads do not imply or indicate that advertised content is endorsed or supported by the publisher.
  • All advertising must be an accurate description of the product or service.
  • A journals editorial team has full and final authority for approving all advertisements and declining ads that are inconsistent with company policies.
  • Advertising in all journal publications should be provided in form that doesnt resemble editorial content and can be easily distinguishable from it.
  • The full rules for any market research or promotion associated with an advertisement must be displayed in the ad or available via a prominent link.

All applications according advertisement and terms of placement are accepted on e-mail e-mail -. , JavaScript specifying Advertising in letter subject.