Sung C. Bae

Sung C. Bae

Ph.D., Professor, Department Chair, Department of Finance, College of Business Administration, Bowling Green State University, USA.

Research interests: new equity offerings; corporate M&As and restructurings; exchange rate exposure and risk management; personal financial planning.


  • 1987 - Ph.D., University of Florida. Major: Finance. Dissertation title: Essays on New Equity Issues & Investment Banking Contracts. 
  • 1983 - M.B.A., Michigan State University. Major: Finance. 
  • 1980 - B.S.B.A., Korea University. Major: Business. 

Recent experience: 

  • August 2010-present - Department Chair, Bowling Green State University. 
  • August 2008-present - Ashel G. Bryan/Huntington Bank Professor, Bowling Green State University. 
  • August 2007-present - Director of Financial Planning Programs Bowling Green State University. 
  • May 1998-present - Professor, Bowling Green State University. 
  • December 2010-January 2011 - Visiting Professor of Finance, Pusan National University. 
  • February 2006-August 2006 - Visiting Professor of Finance, Korea University Business School. 
  • June 2000-August 2005 - Ashel G. Bryan/Mid American Bank Professor, Bowling Green State University. 
  • June 1996-August 2003 - Department Chair, Bowling Green State University. 
  • August 2002-August 2003 - Director of Business International Education Project BGSU. 

Recent publications in refereed journals:

1. Bae, Sung C., Kiyoung Chang, Hoje Jo, “Long-Run Stock Return and Operating Performance of Underwriter Warrants: Evidence from Seasoned Equity Offerings”, International Review of Finance, Forthcoming.
2. Bae, Sung C., Kiyoung Chang, and Doseung Kim, “Determinants of Target Selection and Acquirer Returns: Evidence from Cross-Border Acquisitions”, International Review of Economics and Finance, Forthcoming.
3. Bae, Sung C., Taek Ho Kwon, “Asymmetric Foreign Exchange Exposure, Option Trade, and Foreign Currency Denominated Debt: Evidence from Korea”, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, Forthcoming.
4. Bae, Sung C., Kiyoung Chang, Eun Kang, “Culture, Corporate Governance, and Dividend Policy: International Evidence”, Journal of Financial Research, 35 (Summer 2012), No. 2, pp. 289-316.
5. Bae, Sung C., Kyungwon Ju, Kyoo H. Kim, Taek Ho Kwon, “Equity Ownership Determination of Foreign Direct Investments of Developing Economies: The Case of Korean Outward FDIs”, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 15 (March 2012), Number 1, pp. 1-32.
6. Taek Ho Kwon, Rae Soo Park, Sung C. Bae, “On the Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Rate Exposure Hedging with Derivatives for Korean Industrial Companies”, Korean Journal of Financial Studies, 40 (2011), No. 5, pp. 829-861.
7. Bae, Sung C., Taek Ho Kwon, Jang Woo Lee, “Does Corporate Diversification by Business Groups Create Value? Evidence from Korean Chaebols”, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 19 (2011), pp. 535-553.

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