About Center

International Center for Global Risks Economic Research was created in 2012 in order to unite scientists from different countries for addressing the burning economic problems.

The founders of the Center are Serhiy Kozmenko (Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of Banking, Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine) and Limited Liability Company onsulting Publishing ompany Business Perspectives (Liudmyla Ostapenko, Ph.D., Director of LLC P Business Perspectives.

The main directions of the Centers activity are:

1. Problems of environmental sustainability conservation.
2. Global economic risks.
3. Global risks of financial systems and institutions performance.
4. Risks of wrong managerial decisions.
5. Insurance and reinsurance of global risks.

Members of the Center represent 30 countries among which are France, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan, China, the USA, Romania etc. This diversity enables to provide a comprehensive consideration of problems discussed.

The aims of the Center are the following:

1. Organization of forums for open discussions of global risks management problems.
2. Assistance in publication of research results of the Centers members in special monographs and research journals.
3. Organization of the official website and preparation of informational materials promoting the achievement of the Centers mission.
4. Development and support of relationships with international organizations having similar purposes.

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