Alice in Changeland

Limited Liability Company “Ñonsulting Publishing Ñompany “Business Perspectives” presents the book entitled “Alice in Changeland”

ISBN 978-966-2965-10-0

About the book: 

  • language - English
  • publisher - “Business Perspectives” Publishing Company (LLC “ÑPÑ “Business Perspectives” )
  • year of publishing - November 2013
  • number of pages - about 85 pages 

In the business literature tradition of Fish, Zapp and Who Moved my Cheese, Alice in Changeland is an allegory, a fictional tale with a message. Drawing on the paradoxical world of Alice in Wonderland, it tells of the trials and tribulations faced by a ‘change agent’ Alice in her journey across Changeland. It is useful for practicing managers and students as light reflection on the ambiguities, dilemmas and paradoxes that change managers face. Further illustration, argument and case study material can be obtained from the author.

Richard J. Badham is a Professor of Management at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management with extensive experience as an action researcher and consultant on leading change.