Centralization of Treasury Management

Limited Liability Company “Ñonsulting Publishing Ñompany “Business Perspectives” presents the book “Centralization of Treasury Management” by Petr Polák and Ivan Klusáček. Reviewed by Professor Dirk Swagerman and Professor Jiří Polách.

ISBN 978-966-2965-08-7

About the book:

  • authors – Petr Polák (Chapters 1-11), Ivan Klusáček (Chapter 12)
  • language – English
  • publisher – “Business Perspectives” Publishing Company (LLC “ÑPÑ “Business Perspectives”)
  • year of publishing – February 2010
  • number of pages – about 100 pages (paperback)

The work of Dr. Polák done in the field of Treasury centralization has brought greater clarity and empirical rigor to the factors governing Treasury centralization and will be of benefit to academics, practitioners and policy makers alike. Practitioners will find a practical and rigorous assessment of the arguments for centralization and the factors for consideration in the location of centers. While Dr. Polák's work in the field of Treasury centralization is rich, there is no shortage of areas for additional exploration. For example, academics can build upon this work by conducting additional empirical study as to the impact of the location factors - both individually and in concert. Finally, policy makers can gain deeper insights into how to attract and retain regional treasury centers.