World financial crisis: causes, consequences, ways of overcoming

Limited Liability Company “Ñonsulting Publishing Ñompany “Business Perspectives” presents the collective monograph entitled “World financial crisis: causes, consequences, ways of overcoming”

ISBN 978-966-2965-07-0

About the book:

  • language - English
  • publisher - “Business Perspectives” Publishing Company (LLC “ÑPÑ “Business Perspectives”)
  • editorship - Serhiy Kozmenko, Tetyana Vasyl'eva
  • year of publishing - December 2009
  • number of pages - about 400 pages (hardback)

The goals of the monograph's publication: generalization of ideas of prominent researchers from different countries of the world regarding the causes and consequences of the world financial crisis, determination of specific features of its development in different countries, and generalization of experience regarding the ways of overcoming the crisis.