Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2007

Contents of issue

No.Article TitleFirst AuthorYear/ IssuePages
1.A Capital Structure ModelRobert M. Hull2007/28-24
2.A Dynamic Approach for the Evaluation of Portfolio Performance under Risk ConditionsChristos Alexakis2007/416-24
3.A Non-Parametric Copula Analysis on Estimating Return Distribution for Portfolio Management: An Application with the US And Brazilian Stock MarketsAlper Ozun2007/357-71
4.Analyst Forecasts in New ZealandStephen J. Ciccone2007/225-32
5.Applications to Portfolio Theory of Market Stochastic BoundsSergio Ortobelli2007/425-36
6.Are Venture Capitalists Able to Certify Initial Public Offerings? TestingUsing Intraday Price BehaviorMin-Hsien Chiang2007/4119-132
7.Backdated Stock Options: Crosscurrents from GAAP to the Capital MarketsRichard A. Moellenberndt2007/4159-173
8.Cash and Working Capital Management in The Czech RepublicPetr Polák2007/117-30
9.Do Turkish Spiders Confuse Bulls And Bears?: The Case of Dow Jones Istanbul 20Mustafa Mesut Kayali2007/372-79
10.Does Trading Volume Influence Garch Effects? – Some Evidence from the Greek Market with Special Reference to Banking SectorAthanasios Koulakiotis2007/333-38
11.Equity valuation using DCF: A theoretical analysis of the long term hypothesesLucio Cassia2007/191-107
12.Estimation of the Exchange Market Pressure in the EU4 Countries: A Model-Dependent ApproachDaniel Stavárek2007/380-94
13.Exploiting the Weekend Effect by Trading Closed-End FundsPing Hsaio2007/17-16
14.Factors Influencing Activity Based Costing (ABC) Adoption in Manufacturing IndustryRuhanita Maelah2007/2113-124
15.Financial Integration of the ASEAN-5 Markets: Financial Crisis Effects Based on Bivariate and Multivariate Cointegration ApproachHawati Janor2007/4144-158
16.Forecasting Volatility in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Commodity MarketsMatthew Kofi Ocran2007/291-102
17.Forecasting β: An Evaluation of the Bloomberg HeuristicEdward. J. Lusk2007/156-60
18.Foreign Exchange Exposures, Financial and Operational Hedge Strategies of Taiwan FirmsYi-Chien Chiang2007/395-105
19.How Does Dividend Policy Affect Firm Performance? A Ghanaian CaseMohammed Amidu2007/2103-112
20.Investment in Distributed Energy Generation: A Present-Value Model of Different TechnologiesTuukka Järvinen2007/248-59
21.Market Liquidity and Depth on Floor-Traded and E-Mini Index Futures: An Analysis of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100Yu-shan Wang,2007/480-96
22.Modeling Asymmetry in the Price-Volume Relation: Evidence from NineStock MarketsTalla M. Al-Deehani2007/48-15
23.Motivating Factors of Credit Card Usage and Ownership: Evidence from Northern CyprusOkan Veli Şafakli2007/4133-143
24.Multi-scale Causality Between Energy Consumption and GNP in Emerging Markets: Evidence from TurkeyAlper Ozun2007/260-70
25.Optimisation of Conditional-VaR in an Actuarial Model for Credit Risk Assuming a Student Copula Dependence StructureGiovanni Masala2007/339-56
26.Options on Pension AnnuityShulamith T. Gross2007/3106-121
27.Portfolio Performance AttributionAlmira Biglova2007/37-22
28.Risk assessment and management in FDIs. A case study in the BalkansNicos Sykianakis2007/131-39
29.Risk Profiles of Life Insurance Participating Policies: Measurement and Application PerspectivesAlbina Orlando2007/3122-129
30.Rules of Thumb and Real Option Decision Biases for Optimally Imperfect Decisions: A Simulation-Based ExplorationThierry Burger-Helmchen2007/4105-118
31.Segment Variables of Chinese Mutual Fund Individual InvestorsMatthew Tingchi Liu2007/497-104
32.Syndromes Leading to Failure: An Exploratory ResearchCristina Abad2007/323-32
33.The Application of Japanese Candlestick Trading Strategies in TaiwanYeong-Jia Goo,2007/449-79
34.The Effect of Beta Coefficients on Extreme Single-Day Stock Returns: The Case of Istanbul Stock ExchangeLevent Çitak2007/437-48
35.The Effects of International Accounting Standards on Stock Market Volatility: The Case of GreeceChristos Floros2007/161-72
36.The Existence of Inter-Industry Convergence in Financial Ratios: Evidence From TurkeySongul Kakilli Acaravci2007/271-76
37.The Pricing of Stock Index Futures During the Asian Financial Crisis: Evidence from Four Asian Index Futures MarketsJanchung Wang2007/277-90
38.The Relationship Between Size, Value, and Market Risk: Some EvidenceShijin, S.2007/2125-147
39.The Timing of Capacity Expansion Investments in Oligopoly under Demand UncertaintyMary-Paz Arrieta Paredes2007/140-55
40.Working Capital Accruals and Earnings ManagementJoseph Kerstein2007/233-47
41.X-Efficiency and Share Prices in the Singaporean Banking Sector: A DEA Window Analysis ApproachFadzlan Sufian,2007/173-90