Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2007

Contents of issue

No.Article titleFirst authorYear/ IssuePages
1.Agency theory in banking: an empirical analysis of moral hazard and the agency costs of equityDarius Palia2007/3142-156
2.A bank customer analysis and mortgage services evaluation: implications of market segmentation policiesJohn Mylonakis2007/3157-172
3.Banking in South Eastern Europe: moving into the spotlightMarion Mühlberger2007/317-31
4.A comparative profitability and operating efficiency analysis of state and private banks in TurkeySeyfettin Unal2007/3135-141
5.Concentration, competition, efficiency and profitability of the Turkish banking sector in the post-crises periodOsman Furkan Abbasoğlu2007/3106-115
6.Credit risk assessment for the banking sector of Northern CyprusOkan Veli Şafakli2007/121-31
7.Customer retention by banks in New ZealandDavid Cohen2007/140-55
8.Customer switching behavior in the New Zealand banking industryMichael D. Clemes2007/450-65
9.The determinants of foreign banks entry to the Turkish banking sectorMete Bumin2007/484-92
10.The discriminative power of rating functionsClaudia Beinert2007/132-39
11.The effects of failure recovery strategies on customer behaviours via complainants’ perceptions of justice dimensions in banksEkrem Cengiz2007/3173-195
12.Effects of image and advertising efficiency on customer loyalty and antecedents of loyalty: Turkish banks sampleEkrem Cengiz2007/156-78
13.Effects of the Basel II Accord on the integration process of the emerging markets into the EU marketsAlper Ozun2007/373-81
14.An empirical investigation of bank risk-taking in emerging markets within a prospect theory framework. A noteChristophe J. Godlewski2007/235-43
15.Empirical study on the efficiency analysis of Australian banksYu-Cheng Chen2007/438-49
16.Evidence from a new currency equivalent monetary aggregate for IndiaDebashis Acharya2007/4101-106
17.Exchange rate volatility and its impact on risk management with internal models in commercial banksDevjak Srečko2007/431-37
18.Financial liberalization and currency crises: the case of TurkeyMete Feridun2007/244-68
19.Financial services privatisation in the CEECs – an overviewJ.A. Consiglio2007/24-13
20.Financial stability issues at central banksPeter Spicka2007/14-16
21.Foreign investment burden, exchange rates and external debt crises in Nigeria: an empirical extensionMichael I. Muoghalu2007/382-90
22.Industrial production as a credit driver in banking sector: an empirical study with waveletsAlper Ozun2007/269-80
23.Inverted yield curves and financial institutions: is the United States headed for a repeat of the 1980’s crisis?James R. Barth2007/346-72
24.The liquidity role of a bank in bank and non-bank conglomerates: evidence from TaiwanChien-An Wang2007/3116-134
25.Money market turbulences 2007 and the liquidity crisis management of the European Central BankDietrich Schönwitz2007/44-12
26.New capital rules according to Basel IIIvana Valová2007/214-21
27.On the applicability of credit scoring models in Egyptian banksHussein Abdou2007/14-20
28.Private equity investments in the banking industry – the case of Lone Star and Korea Exchange BankMatthias Menke2007/222-34
29.The relation between bank regulation and economic performance: a cross-country analysisMark Bertus2007/332-45
30.A research on the basic motivational factors in consumer bank selection: evidence from Northern CyprusOkan Veli Şafakli2007/493-100
31.The time-varying currency risk exposure on firms: cross-sectoral evidence from Turkey on the EU integration processAlper Ozun2007/413-20
32.The transmission of interest rate changes in the New Zealand economyAmelia Pais2007/391-105
33.The use of DEA in measuring efficiency in Arabian bankingIdries Moh'd Al-Jarrah2007/421-30
34.Value of latent risk and decision to hedgeSankarshan Acharya2007/466-83