Journal "Innovative Marketing", #3/2008

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Contents of issue

Philemon Oyewole, Ephraim Okoro
Who pays more in the international market? An examination of terms of trade and tariffs of the countries of Africa
John Mylonakis
Role, objectives and effectiveness of financial advertizing: an exploratory bank marketing study
Carl Obermiller, Chauncey Burke, April Atwood
Sustainable business as marketing strategy
Tulin Ural
The impact of sales management practices on job satisfaction of salespeople
Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas, Ioannis Poimenidis
Services managers' awareness of crisis management: attitudes and preparation
Sidnei Franco, Peter Wanke, Maria Fernanda Hijjar
Satisfaction factors with the use of self-employed people in highway transportation
Dilber Ulaş, Hatice Çalipinar
Evaluating the relationship between brand and supply chains on Turkish SMEs
Marc Logman
Understanding consumers' cognitive maps in today's complex marketing environments