Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", #3/2007

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Contents of issue

Peter Spicka
Financial Stability Issues at Central Banks
Marion Mühlberger
Banking in South Eastern Europe: Moving into the Spotlight
Mark Bertus, John S. Jahera Jr., Keven Yost
The Relation Between Bank Regulation and Economic Performance: A Cross-country Analysis
James R. Barth, Triphon Phumiwasana, Tong Li, Glenn Yago
Inverted Yield Curves and Financial Institutions: Is the United States Headed for a Repeat of the 1980's Crisis?
Alper Ozun
Effects of the Basel II Accord on the Integration Process of the Emerging Markets into the EU Markets
Michael I. Muoghalu, Chinedu B. Ezirim, Uchenna Elike
Foreign Investment Burden, Exchange Rates and External Debt Crises in Nigeria: An Empirical Extension
Amelia Pais
The Transmission of Interest Rate Changes in the New Zealand Economy
Osman Furkan Abbasoğlu, Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Ali Güneş
Concentration, Competition, Efficiency and Profitability of the Turkish Banking Sector in the Post-Crises Period
Chien-An Wang, Chung-Hua Shen
The Liquidity Role of a Bank in Bank and Non-Bank Conglomerates: Evidence from Taiwan
Seyfettin Unal, Rafet Aktas, Sezgin Acikalin
A Comparative Profitability and Operating Efficiency Analysis of State and Private Banks in Turkey
Darius Palia, Robert Porter
Agency Theory in Banking: An Empirical Analysis of Moral Hazard and the Agency Costs of Equity
John Mylonakis
A Bank Customer Analysis and Mortgage Services Evaluation: Implications of Market Segmentation Policies
Ekrem Cengiz, Bünyamin Er, Ahmet Kurtaran
The Effects of Failure Recovery Strategies on Customer Behaviours Via Complainants' Perceptions of Justice Dimensions in Banks