Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2006

Contents of issue

No.Article TitleFirst AuthorYear/ IssuePages
1.Analyzing ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ Concerning Brand LogosSchorn, R.2 (2006) /145-60
2.Antecedents and Outcomes of Service Recovery Performance: Insights from an Organisation Post-Corporatisation and Post-DeregulationKaracabey,A.A.2 (2006) /220-31
3.Brand Building and Innovating: The Best Way to Stay AliveKim, R.2 (2006) /475-82
4.A Cognitive Creative Approach to Marketing ManagementKristensen, T.2 (2006) /115-22
5.Consumer Behaviour: Experience, Price, Trust and Subjective Norms in the OTC Pharmaceutical MarketLodorfos, G.N.2 (2006) /341-66
6.Consumer Culture Theory and Lifestyle SegmentationAhuvia, A.2 (2006) /433-43
7.Customer-Driven Markets In Supply and Distribution Chains: A Nonprofit Services Marketing PerspectiveHelou, M.M.2 (2006) /454-61
8.Consumer Relationship Marketing on the Internet: An Overview and Clarification of ConceptsWang, F.1(2005) /155-68
9.The Creation of the AdaptStand Process in International MarketingVrontis, D.1 (2005) /27-21
10.Customer Satisfaction: Relationship Marketing in Higher Education E-LearningRashid, T.2 (2006) /324-34
11.Determinants of Electronic Branding: An Exploratory StudyTreiblmaier, H.2 (2006) /289-98
12.Don’t be Fooled: Profits Result from Being Innovative and Meeting Consumers’ Need for ConvenienceHerbst, K.C.2 (2006) /123-27
13.E-Consumers’ Attitude and Behaviour in the Online Commodities MarketLodorfos, G.N.2 (2006) /377-96
14.An Empirical Investigation of the Product's Package as an Antecedent of Brand PersonalityPantin-Sohier, G.1(2005) /169-80
15.Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction: Testing the Service-Profit Chain in a Chinese Securities firmXu, Y.1 (2005) /249-59
16.Exploring Marketing Strategies for Building TrustAssadi, D.2 (2006) /232-56
17.How Supplier Involvement Influences Buyer Satisfaction and Trust: A Study of Industrial MarketsZhao, Y.2 (2006) /2110-121
18.Inexpensive Research in Marketing: Empowering the Technologically Challenged Entrepreneurs       Demirdjian, Z.S.2 (2006) /17-14
19.Infant Industries Accessing Global Markets: Strategic Risks and Potential Trade Barriers in BioplasticsRudge, T.J.1 (2005) /222-31
20.Innovative Business Models and Offerings Based on Inconclusive EvidenceWesterlund, M.2 (2006) /28-19
21.Innovative Marketing Initiatives in a Franchised SystemMaritz, A.1(2005) /121-32
22.Innovative Marketing in the E-commerce Space: A Case StudyPaul, P.1(2005) /196-110
23.Intercultural Communication in the Forest Products Business in China: A Case StudyOwari, T.1(2005) /189-95
24.Internal Marketing: A Study of Employee Loyalty, Its Determinants and ConsequencesMartensen, A.2 (2006) /492-116
25.International African Travelers and Brand Loyalty of  National AirlinesOyewole, P.2 (2006) /2129-133
26.International Positioning of Leading Brands Through Internet: Globalize or Do Not Globalize?Vila López, N.2 (2006) /462-74
27.Licensed Team Merchandise Buying Behavior: A Study On Turkish FansÖzer, A.2 (2006) /4117-130
28.Marketing Communication as Organizational Communication: Exploration and Synthesis of the underlying Theoretical PerspectivesSindhav, B.1 (2005) /277-88
29.Measuring Emotions in a Marketing ContextHansen, F.2 (2006) /268-75
30.Myths and Misconceptions: What Marketing Students Need to Learn from a Course in Principles (Basic) of MarketingElimimian, J.U.2 (2006) /4148-152
31.New Business Models and the Regulatory State: A Retail Case Study of Betting ExchangesJones, P.2 (2006) /3112-119
32.Online Customer Integration in New Product DevelopmentTeichert, T.1(2005) /141-54
33.The Pinocchio Factor in Consumer Attitudes Towards Celebrity Endorsement: Celebrity Endorsement, the Reebok Brand, and an Examination of a Recent CampaignTemperley, J.2 (2006) /397-111
34.Predicting Consumer Patronage Behaviour in the Egyptian Fast Food BusinessIbrahim, Y.1 (2005) /260-76
35.Presentation Graphics, Marketing Communication & EFL: A Case Study at a Tertiary Educational Institution in CyprusKtoridou, D.2 (2006) /4153-161
36.Prioritization of Critical Factors in Delivering Value to CustomersJadranka, I.2 (2006) /367-76
37.A Proposed Cross-National Study: The Effects of Self-Serving Bias and Co-Production on Customer SatisfactionConway
Dato-on, M.
1 (2005) /240-48
38.A Proposed Qualitative Methodological Tool for the Encapsulation of Strategy and Culture Approaches in High-Tech MarketsFotiadis, T.1(2005) /17-14
39.Puffery: Its Effect on Buyers’ Trust in the Sales DyadHaan, P.2 (2006) /2122-128
40.‘Quali-Quant’ Research at the Development Stage: Using Iterative, Small-Scale Conjoint Analysis to Explore/Refine Communications for a ‘New Age’ Car DealerMoore, M.1 (2005) /289-105
41.The Relationship Between Personality Traits (Extraversion And Neuroticism), Emotions and Customer Self-SatisfactionMatzler, K.1 (2005) /232-39
42.Relationship Marketing: the Retail Customer’s PerspectiveRahman, S.H.2 (2006) /161-66
43.The Relative Importance of Brand Modalities as Information Chunks in Determining Consumer Choice StructureBouguerra, A.2 (2006) /299-109
44.A Review of Methods for Measuring Willingness-to-PayBreidert, C.2 (2006) /48-32
45.A Road Map towards Customer SatisfactionZwikael, O.2 (2006) /137-44
46.The Role of Financial Information in Decision Making ProcessZager, K.2 (2006) /335-40
47.The Role of Marketing in Economic Development of Developing CountriesIfezue, A.N.1(2005) /115-20
48.Shopping Motives, Big Five Factors, and the Hedonic/Utilitarian Shopping Value: An Integration and Factorial StudyGuido, G.2 (2006) /257-67
49.The Singularities of the Cultural Element in Consumer BehaviorBanyte, J.1(2005) /133-40
50.Situation Analysis and Strategic Planning: An Empirical Case Study in the UK Beverage IndustryVrontis, D.2 (2006) /2134-151
51.Sport Sponsorship as an Image Development Opportunity for New BrandsMusante, M.2 (2006) /483-91
52.A Structural Analysis of the Determinants of Export Performance: Evidence from TurkeyYakici Ayan, T.1 (2005) /2106-120
53.A Student Satisfaction Model for Austrian Higher Education Providers Considering Aspects of Marketing CommunicationsJurkowitsch, S.2 (2006) /39-23
54.Study of Attributes that Form Marketing Image of Financial InstitutionAuruskeviciene, V.1(2005) /181-88
55.A Tale of Two Deficits: US Trade Deficit and US Trade Deficit with ChinaLiu, Y.1 (2005) /2121-128
56.Technology-Supported Education: Old Questions for New StrategiesAddis, M.2 (2006) /4131-147
57.A Theoretical Investigation into the Potential Applications of Olfactory Cues to the Marketing of New ProductsShiu, E.2 (2006) /444-53
58.The Value – Brand Trust – Brand Loyalty Chain: An Analysis of Some Moderating VariablesMatzler, K.2 (2006) /276-88
59.Vignette Development: An Exposition and IllustrationAshill, N.J.2 (2006) /128-36
60.Warner EMI Music. Strategic Development for the First Decade of the New MillenniumVrontis, D.2 (2006) /167-78