Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2006

Contents of issue

No.Article TitleFirst AuthorYear/ IssuePages
1.Asset Correlations and Capital Requirements for SME in the Revised Basel II FrameworkHenneke, J.1(2006)/175-92
2.Comparative Performance Evaluation of Small, Medium and Large U.S. Commercial BanksChukwuogor-Ndu, C.1(2006)/2123-136
3.Cost Efficiency, Scale Elasticity and Scale Economies in Arab BankingAl-Jarrah, I.1(2006)/360-89
4.Creating Value-Added Services for Bank Customers Using Intelligent DocumentsMoormann, J.1(2006)/258-68
5.Credit Risk, Capital Structure and Lending Decisions of Banks in GhanaAmidu, M.1(2006)/193-101
6.Determinants of the Financial Supervision System: Global EvidenceShen, C.-H.1(2006)/236-57
7.Determinants of Ghanaian Bank Service Quality in a Universal Banking DispensationHinson, R.1(2006)/269-81
8.An Empirical Exploration of Financial Covenants in Large Bank LoansPaglia, J.K.1(2006)/2103-122
9.Financial Integration In European Banking MarketsSimpson, J.L.1(2006)/158-74
10.Financial Management Imperatives of Intermediation Function of Financial Institutions: Empirical Evidence from NigeriaEzirim, C.B.1(2006)/3116-131
11.Financial Performance and Efficiency Changes of Malaysian Banking Institutions in Mergers and AcquisitionsMat-Nor, F.1(2006)/1102-109
12.Financial Sector Liberalization and its Challenges to the Local Banks – the Experience of SingaporeLiang, T.S.1(2006)/449-64
13.Foreign Banks Entry and Bank Performance in the CEE CountriesLiuhto, K.1(2006)/341-59
14.Foreign Banks and Financial Stability in the New EuropeGarcía Herrero, A.1(2006)/149-57
15.The German Banking System. A Possible Model for Prospective New EU-MembersBröker, K.F.1(2006)/24-18
16.The German System of Financial Services InstitutionsBröker, K.F.1(2006)/332-40
17.The Impact of Strategic Announcements on Corporate Value: An Event Study of NetBank Inc.Liang, P.1(2006)/4100-119
18.Inflation Targeting and its Impact on Monitory Policy: A South African InsightMuhanna, E.1(2006)/465-82
19.Inter-Temporal Performance: Does Bank-Size Matter? An Analysis of Utah BanksSamad, A.1(2006)/2137-143
20.Investment Incentives, Risk and Ownership Forms of  Commercial Banks in Emerging MarketsLogan, T.-M.1(2006)/390-99
21.The Legal Framework for Foreign Bank EntryHüpkes, E.H.G. 1(2006)/44-15
22.The Link Between Monetary Policy and Banks Lending Behaviour: The Ghanaian CaseAmidu, M.1(2006)/438-48
23.National Bank SystemsMaslennikov, V.V.1(2006)/34-19
24.Perspectives of liberalization of access for foreign capital to banking sector of UkraineShpyh, F.1(2006)/113-25
25.R2-based Diversification and Incentives of BanksLee, S.W.1(2006)/282-89
26.The Relationship Between Downsizing and Financial Performance of Turkish BanksOzkanli, O.1(2006)/3142-158
27.The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Banking Sector DevelopmentLiang, H.-Y.1(2006)/219-35
28.Reserve Requirements and Money Multiplier Predictability: The Canadian ExperienceChu, K.H.1(2006)/3100-115
29.Risk Limit Systems and Capital Allocation in Financial InstitutionsStraßberger, M.1(2006)/422-37
30.Risk Management in Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Lessons from the Crash of Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM)Feridun, M.1(2006)/3132-141
31.Share Repurchase Programs by BanksHowe, J.S.1(2006)/290-102
32.Stability Oriented Euro-Central Banking: Stress the Money LinkSchönwitz, D.1(2006)/126-34
33.A Survey of Customer Retention in the New Zealand Banking IndustryGan, C.1(2006)/483-99
34.Training of the qualified experts for banksYepifanov, A.1(2006)/14-12
35.Transition Banking May Be Highly Profitable: Estonian CaseSõrg, M.1(2006)/135-48
36.Transparency of Central Banks in Supporting Financial StabilitySotomska-Krzysztofik, P.1(2006)/320-31
37.Trends in the Efficiency of Publicly Listed Malaysian Commercial Banks Over-Time: A Non-Parametric DEA Window Analysis ApproachSufian, F.1(2006)/2144-167
38.Use of Nonparametric Statistics Methods for an Estimation of Liquidity Risk of Banking SystemKarcheva, H.T.1(2006)/416-21