Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #2/2006

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Paul Nowak, Jim Murrow
Letting the Investment Funds Flow: Issues and Challenges in Slovenia a Transitioning Economy
Mo Vaziri
Islamic Finance, Rural Cooperative Financial Institutions (Credit Unions) and Micro Financing Strategies
Salih Turan Katircioglu, Ainur Naraliyeva
Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic Savings and Economic Growth in Kazakhstan: Evidence from Co-integration and Causality Tests
Natalya V. Delcoure, Kenneth Hunsader
Value Creation of Cash Mergers. Empirical Investigation
Robert C.Rickards
Beyond Budgeting: Boon or Boondoggle?
John S. Jahera, Jr., Daniel E. Page, Carl D. Hudson
Financial Condition and Performance of Savings and Loans: A Retrospective Look at Mutual to Stock Conversions
A. Argun Karacabey, Fazıl Gökgöz
Investment Style Analysis for the Turkish Individual Retirement Funds
Fabio Baione, Paolo De Angelis, Andrea Fortunati
On a Fair Value Model for Participating Life Insurance Policies
D. Agus Harjito, Bany Ariffin Amin Nordin, Ahmad Raflis Che Omar
The Effect of Monetary Growth Variability on The Indonesian Capital Market
Spiros Karakostas, Nicholas Tessaromatis
The Effect of the Introduction of Derivatives on the Systematic and Unsystematic Risk in the Greek Equity Market
Huimin Chung, Mei-Maun Hseu
Why Do the Market Impacts of Derivative Warrant Differ from Those of Standard Options? Evidence from an Emerging Market
Christos Floros, Dimitrios V. Vougas
Samuelson's Hypothesis in Greek Stock Index Futures Market
Sazali Zainal Abidin
Impact of Shifts in Correlation Structure on International Portfolio Diversification
Orhan Celik, Alaattin Ecer, Hakan Karabacak
Disclosure of Forward Looking Information: Evidence from Listed Companies on Istanbul Stock Exchange [ISE]
Selcuk Percin, Tuba Yakici Ayan
Measuring Efficiency of Commercial Banks in a Developing Economy: The Case of Turkey