Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #1/2006

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R.V. Goedegebuure
The Effects of Outward Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Investment
G. Sivalingam, Izlin Ismail
The Asian Bond Fund: A Case Study of Successful Economic and Financial Cooperation in Asia
Russ Ray
Finance, the Wisdom of Crowds, and "Uncannily Accurate" Predictions
Li Li, Gunter Meissner
Are Defaults Correlated? An Empirical Study
Erkki K. Laitinen
Partial Least Squares Regression in Payment Default Prediction
Mario Strassberger
Capital Requirement, Portfolio Risk Insurance, and Dynamic Risk Budgeting
Nicholas Papasyriopoulos, Constantinos Katrakilidis, Athanasios Koulakiotis
The impact of foreign cross-listings on asymmetric spillovers in Brussels stock exchange
Wang Tiefeng, Kami Rwegasira
Dynamic Securities Assets Allocation in Portfolio Insurance: The Application of Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance and Time Invariant Portfolio Protection Methodologies in the Chinese Capital Market
Eleni Constantinou, Robert Georgiades, Avo Kazandjian and Georgios P. Kouretas
Mean and variance causality between the Cyprus Stock Exchange and major equity markets
Taufiq Hassan, Annuar Bin Nassir, Shamsher Mohamad
The Heat Waves or Meteor Showers Hypothesis: Test on Selected Asian Emerging and Developed Stock Markets
Robin H. Luo, Nuttawat Visaltanachoti and Puspakaran Kesayan
Analysis of Foreign Currency Exposure of the New Zealand Stock Market
Otavio R. De Medeiros, Alberto S. Matsumoto
Market Reaction to Stock Issues in Brazil: Insider Trading, Volatility Effects and the New Issues Puzzle