Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2016

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Balanced incomplete block designs: selected business-related applications and usage caveats David R. Rink 2016/1 15-28
2. The Contributory pension scheme and the financial system development in Nigeria Cosmas O. Odo 2016/2 16-21
3. Country of market effect Shenyu Li 2016/1 7-14
4. Descriptive analytics: its power to test the applicability of cross-national scales in exploratory studies Srinivas Durvasula 2016/3 34-44
5. Determining consumers reasons for visiting shopping malls Sipho Makgopa 2016/2 22-27
6. Emotion regulation can be costly. A study on the effects of emotion regulation strategies on impulsive purchases in consumers Mark van Overveld 2016/1 41-49
7. Experiential dimensions of TV-advertizing: modeling narrative and non-narrative perceptions Lars P. Andersen 2016/2 6-15
8. Global innovations in tourism Sergii Sardak 2016/3 45-50
9. Improving a graduate Marketing Management course: a case study with input from students Khalid M. Dubas 2016/3 6-18
10. Indicators of product quality: faith labels as branding tools Dana-Nicoleta Lascu 2016/2 28-31
11. Parametric analysis of the Bass model Yair Orbach 2016/1 29-40
12. Role of consumer personality and involvement in understanding customer experience Jyoti Rawat 2016/3 19-33