Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2016

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. An analysis on the factors affecting profitability level of Sharia banking in Indonesia Muhammad Said 2016/3 28-36
2. Assessing the impact of structural indicators for the European Union banking system on economic evolution: an empirical investigation in EU Syed Ahsan Jamil 2016/2 61-69
3. Banking and income inequality of the American community: an analysis Lijing Du 2016/1 52-59
4. Banking competition and misconduct: how dire economic conditions affect banking behavior Ezelda Swanepoel 2016/4 31-39
5. Banking crediting of enterprises innovation activity in Ukraine Olha Vovchak 2016/4 97-101
6. Can the ECB save the Euro zone? Alvaro Cencini 2016/2 81-94
7. Capital structure and performance of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) banks: an assessment of credit rating Ahmed A. El-Masry 2016/1 77-91
8. The changing market efficiency of the Nairobi securities exchange Josephine M. Njuguna 2016/2 70-80
9. Chinese renminbi, Mexican peso U.S. dollar exchange rates and their competitive positions in export markets Chu V. Nguyen 2016/1 42-51
10. Co-integration analysis with structural breaks: South Africas gold mining index and USD/ZAR exchange rate Retius Chifurira 2016/3 109-119
11. A connectedness analysis of German financial institutions during the financial crisis in 2008 Carsten Jentsch 2016/4 8-19
12. Corporate social responsibility of a multinational bank and its South African subsidiary Amanda Koffman-Xaba 2016/1 23-33
13. Dynamics patterns of banks evaluations on the basis of Kohonen self-organizing maps Serhiy Kozmenko 2016/4 179-192
14. Ease of use, security concerns and attitudes as antecedents of customer satisfaction in ATM banking Hilda Bongazana Dondolo 2016/4 122-126
15. An empirical investigation into the information management systems at a South African financial institution Ridoh Adonis 2016/3 58-65
16. An empirical investigation of banks employees interactions and workflow influence during social media advent: a case study of two commercial banks Khulekani Yakobi 2016/4 90-96
17. European and global financial integration: some panel evidence of the convergence of interest rates Cândida Ferreira 2016/4 152-160
18. An exploratory study on the impact of social media of selected commercial banks in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Khulekani Yakobi 2016/2 95-102
19. The factors affecting customers decisions to adopt Islamic banking Seipati Bodibe 2016/4 144-151
20. Financial consumer protection: internet banking fraud awareness by the banking sector Shewangu Dzomira 2016/4 127-134
21. Financial structure and economic performance in selected African countries: time series evidence Ronald Rateiwa 2016/2 45-60
22. Financing and financial sustainability of microfinance institutions (MFIs): a conceptual view Innocent Bayai 2016/2 21-32
23. The impact of monetary policy transparency on inflation: the case of Ukraine Serhiy Kozmenko 2016/4 82-89
24. Institutions, credit markets and development in Sub-Saharan Africa Nyasha Mahonye 2016/4 169-178
25. Interaction effect between product and process innovation: the case of Tunisian banks Mabrouk Abir 2016/1 60-70
26. An introduction to the prospect of the Chinese RMB as a reserve currency Paul Frederick Gentle 2016/1 71-76
27. Investigating leadership practices in retail banking in South Africa: a case study of Nedbank Muhammad Ehsanul Hoque 2016/3 17-27
28. Investigating the extent of sustainability reporting in the banking industry Anet M. Smit 2016/4 71-81
29. La Biometrica a next level payment system: a conceptual view Mustapha Ayoola Ishola 2016/1 8-14
30. Leadership performance of financial firms on climate change action Amy Burnett 2016/2 103-109
31. Learning curve from the financial economic crisis of 2008 for organizations: a conceptual viewpoint Shamil M. Valitov 2016/2 14-20
32. The market efficiency of the Tanzania stock market Josephine Njuguna 2016/3 75-86
33. Microfinance banks and small and medium sized enterprises access to finance: the Nigerian experience Lawrence Ogechukwu Obokoh 2016/4 111-121
34. Mobile banking in South Africa: a systematic review of the literature Akwesi Assensoh-Kodua 2016/1 34-41
35. A model for achieving the allocative efficiency of credit resources in Ukraines banking system Lesia Dmytryshyn 2016/3 8-16
36. Monetary policy decision-making when information search is costly Alexander Jung 2016/1 15-22
37. The nature of credit risk information disclosed in the risk and capital reports of the top-5 South African banks Tankiso Moloi 2016/3 87-93
38. The overall efficiency of the major banks in the global financial instability Igor Yushko 2016/4 61-70
39. P2P lending as an alternative to bank lending in Ukraine Alexander Lavryk 2016/4 20-30
40. The perception of Islamic banking by the first national bank sales staff in the Kwazulu-Natal region of South Africa Ismail Vahed 2016/4 50-60
41. Predicting Islamic banks performance through CAMELS rating model Omar Masood 2016/3 37-43
42. A qualitative analysis of the internal audit function in the banking sector Rasoava Rijamampianina 2016/4 161-168
43. The role of servant leadership and emotional intelligence in managerial performance in a commercial banking sector in Zimbabwe Jeskinus Z. Mukonoweshuro 2016/3 94-108
44. Selecting a kind of financial innovation according to the level of a banks financial soundness and its life cycle stage Oleh Kolodiziev 2016/4 40-49
45. Social purchasing and the influence of social networking: a conceptual view Akwesi Assensoh-Kodua 2016/3 44-57
46. Stress test based on Oliver Wyman in Bank of Spain: an evaluation Salvador Climent-Serrano 2016/3 66-74
47. Value relevance of financial statements and share price: a study of listed banks in Nigeria Olubukola Ranti Uwuigbe 2016/4 135-143
48. Village banks: a financial strategy for developing the South African poor households Polly Mashigo 2016/2 8-13
49. Weekday effects on gold: Tokyo, London, and New York markets Hai-Chin Yu 2016/2 33-44