Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2005

Contents of issue

No.Article TitleFirst AuthorYear/ IssuePages
1.An Appreciation of the Impact of the Development of Financial Markets on Financial Decisions made by Corporations in the Czech RepublicPolak, P.2005/28-17
2.Arbitrage and Portfolio ConstraintsElsinger, H.2005/395-108
3.Automation, Stock Market Volatility and Risk-Return Relationship: Evidence from “CATS”Assaf, A.2005/3136-145
4.Bank Capital, Performance and Regulation: Some International EvidenceIvey, J.R.2005/49-20
5.A Coincident Financial Indicator for the Australian Stock MarketBhar, R.2005/339-48
6.A Comparison of the Shareholder Wealth Effects of Firms Announcing Domestic and International Joint VenturesJanakiramanan, S.2005/433-49
7.Cost of capital: the case for the prosecutionLister, R.2005/2142-157
8.The Cyclical Structure of the British Stock Market Returns. An Approach Based on Long Memory CyclesGil-Alana, L.A.2005/1127-138
9.Demystifying the Illusion of the Positive Effects of Ownership Concentration on Corporate PerformanceGadhoum, Y.2005/450-68
10.Destabilizing Optimal Trading Strategies in the Stock MarketLevy, H.K.2005/349-64
11.The Determinants of Stock Prices in the Kuwait Stock Exchange: An Extreme Bound AnalysisAl-Deehani, T. M.2005/316-24
12.The Effect of Option Repricing on Common Stock Returns: An Empirical InvestigationVu, J.D.2005/3128-135
13.The Empirical Analysis of Scale Economies on Commercial Banks of ChinaChi, G.2005/421-32
14.An Empirical Investigation of the UK Stock Market Response to the Implementation of SSAP 20 “Foreign Currency Translation”Iatridis, G.2005/1108-126
15.Enlarged Separation Portfolios and Financial SyntheticsApreda, R.2005/386-94
16.Interdependence of the Equity Markets of India, Malaysia and Singapore: Tests Based on Daily Equity SeriesIslam, M.M.2005/495-104
17.Excluding Sum Stable Distributions as an Explanation of Second Moment Condition Failure – The Australian EvidenceAnnaert, J.2005/130-38
18.The Extent and Stability of Long-Run Relationship Between Stock Prices: Evidence From the U.S., the U.K. and AustraliaBuncic, D.2005/480-94
19.The Fair Valuation of Defined Contribution Pension Funds in a Stochastic Mortality EnvironmentPolitano, M.2005/1146-150
20.Financial Development and Economic Growth in Malaysia: The Perspective of Stock MarketChoong, C.-K.2005/4105-115
21.Firm-specific Attributes of Financing Constraints: The Case of Greek Listed FirmsDrakos, K.2005/298-110
22.Growth Optimal Investment Strategy Efficacy: An application on long run Australian equity dataHunt, B.F.2005/18-22
23.The Impact of S&P Depository Receipts’ on the S&P Cash & Futures MarketEconomopoulos, A.J.2005/272-82
24.Industry Affects Do Not Explain Momentum in Canadian Stock ReturnsCleary, S.2005/249-60
25.The Influence of Firm Operating Characteristics on Incentive Compensation in the Executive Suite: Equity REITs vs. REOCsDelcoure, N.2005/283-97
26.Investment in Physical Capital, Investment in Health and Economic Growth in ChinaXie Xiaoqing2005/123-29
27.Liquidity Costs and the Information Content of Calls of Warrants: Intra-Industry EvidenceGarcia-Feijóo, L.2005/170-81
28.Management Perspectives on Problems in Controlling and Cost AccountingRickards, R.C.2005/3109-127
29.M&As Motives: Evidence from the European Financial Services IndustryIsmail, A.2005/4137-150
30.Market Timing, Selectivity and Alpha Generation: Evidence from Australian Equity Superannuation FundsDrew, M.E.2005/2111-127
31.Measuring Arbitrage Profits in Imperfect MarketsBalbás, A.2005/230-38
32.Most Common Errors in Company ValuationFernández, P.2005/2128-141
33.Neutrosophic Information Fusion Applied to the Options MarketBhattacharya, S.2005/1139-145
34.Predictive Power of Forward Rates: Evidence From Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) MarketNeoh Vee Hen2005/261-71
35.Predicted Shareholder   Value   as a Strategic Control and Monitor System in Small CompaniesLaitinen, E.K.2005/191-107
36.Relationship between Trading at Ask Price and the End-of-Day Effect in Hong Kong Stock ExchangeChan, A.W.H.2005/4124-136
37.The Relationship between Trading Volume, Volatility and Stock Market Returns: A test of Mixed Distribution Hypothesis for A Pre- and Post Crisis on Kuala Lumpur Stock ExchangeAli Ahmed, H.J.2005/3146-158
38.Representation of Human Capital Knowledge in Investment ProcessesDaneshgar, F.2005/2158-165
39.Sovereign Credit Ratings and Their Determination by the Rating AgenciesTéllez Valle, C.2005/4159-173
40.Stable Modeling of different European Power MarketsMugele, C.2005/365-85
41.Still in Search for Answers: A Critical Survey On the Circuit Breaker RegulationTooma, E.A.2005/239-48
42.Stochastic Programming Methods in Asset-Liability ManagementGrebeck, M.2005/182-90
43.Stock Market and Economic Activity in MalaysiaJanor, H.2005/4116-123
44.Stock Market Interdependence during the Iraq WarPaleari, S.2005/325-38
45.Structural Models and Default Probability: Application to the Spanish Stock MarketMartín Marín, J.L.2005/218-29
46.Supermontage as a New Trading System of NASDAQTseng, K.C.2005/38-15
47.Testing Debt Signaling Hypothesis for Making Investment Decisions in Transitional Market: Evidence from EgyptEldomiaty, T.I.2005/4174-191
48.Underpricing, Tie-Ins, and the IPO Bubble: Some Empirical EvidenceHull, R.M.2005/157-69
49.Value-at-Risk of Resource Scarcity – The Example of OilBusch, T.2005/139-56
50.What Causes Correlations of Equity Returns to Change Over Time? – A Study of the U.S. and the Russian Equity MarketsJithendranathan, T.2005/469-79