Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2015

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Application of fundamental indexation for South African equities Heng-Hsing Hsieh 2015/3 98-107
2. Bangladeshi equity indices and random walk Chu V. Nguyen 2015/1 8-14
3. Banking relationships, R&D investment, and growth opportunities in China Hai-Chin Yu 2015/2 60-71
4. Banks and the fallacy of supervision: the case for Zimbabwe Charles Nyoka 2015/3 8-17
5. Complaints of electronic banking juxtaposed with financial inclusion a South Africa perspective Alfred Bimha 2015/4 15-27
6. Corporate governance appraisal: annual reports disclosure by commercial banks in Zimbabwe Shewangu Dzomira 2015/4 32-40
7. Currency reform, trade and economic performance in Zimbabwe Nyasha Mahonye 2015/3 87-97
8. Cyber-banking fraud risk mitigation conceptual model Shewangu Dzomira 2015/2 7-14
9. Do bank charges play a key role in determining bank-client relationship? The case of South Africa Charles Nyoka 2015/1 75-82
10. E-banking and risk management: evidence from the Cypriot public sector banks Hussein A. Abdou 2015/3 18-28
11. The effect of implementation of accounting information system on efficiency, profitability and productivity of SMEs in Iran Mehdi Salehi 2015/3 79-86
12. Effects of Basel III higher capital requirements via bank lending rates in Africa: a preliminary assessment Kolade Sunday Adesina 2015/4 51-61
13. The effects of local currency absence to the banking market: the case for Zimbabwe from 2008 Charles Nyoka 2015/2 15-22
14. An empirical analysis of credit accessibilty of small and medium sized enterprises in Vietnam Nhung Nguyen 2015/1 34-46
15. Enough is enough! its time to end the fed Steve Robinson 2015/4 28-31
16. Entrepreneurial control aversion and bank financing in Swedish SMEs Björn Berggren 2015/1 65-74
17. Exchange rate volatility and manufacturing exports in South Africa Arnauld Ishimwe 2015/3 29-38
18. Factors contributing to bank selection choices: a generation theory perspective Pumela Msweli 2015/1 97-102
19. Financial intermediation and economic growth: a test for causality in Nigeria Sulaiman, Luqman Adedamola 2015/4 69-74
20. Financial schemes to boost small and medium sized enterprises. Sources of finance by the Nigerian government: a commentary Obokoh Lawrence Ogechukwu 2015/3 49-60
21. Fuzzy effectiveness of self-service innovative systems in the lean retail banking sector Mbuzo Emmanuel Nzama 2015/2 44-53
22. G7, central banking, and U.S. Interest rates Gregory T. Polgar 2015/1 15-23
23. Impact of deposit insurance on banking industry of ASEAN countries: in quest of stability Suhal Kusairi 2015/4 41-50
24. The impact of directed credit policy on bank credit to the private sector in Ethiopia: case of government bill purchase directive Gardachew Worku Fekadu 2015/4 62-68
25. An Interest Rate Commission Agent Banking System Ameha Tefera Tessema 2015/3 68-78
26. An investigation of the relative strength index Bing Anderson 2015/1 92-96
27. An investigation on Nigerian banks status using early-warning signal Adeyeye, Patrick Olufemi 2015/1 53-64
28. Investment and financing constraints: can working capital management make a difference in South Africa? Farai Kwenda 2015/1 24-33
29. Liquidity risk management in the Islamic rural banking: evidence from Indonesia Abdul Mongid 2015/3 61-67
30. Macroeconomic shocks and discipline in the market for large certificates of deposit Ruby P. Kishan 2015/4 8-14
31. Marketing mix: its role in customer satisfaction in the South African banking retailing Benedict Belobo Ateba 2015/1 83-91
32. Modeling of the rating assessment of insurance companies financial soundness Viktor Oliynyk 2015/2 54-59
33. The nexus between the BRICS alliance and economic growth in South Africa P.Z. Ncube 2015/1 47-52
34. Peculiarities of identification of systemically important banks and assessment of their impact of the occurrence of economic crisis Serhiy Kozmenko 2015/3 39-48
35. Reflections concerning the money supply, velocity, and the quantity theory of money: the Great Depression and the Great Recession, in the United States Paul F. Gentle 2015/2 72-82
36. The role of perceived justice in service recovery on banking customerssatisfaction and behavioral intentions: a case of South Africa Alex Smith 2015/2 35-43
37. Was the Cyprus crisis banking or sovereign debt? Stavros A. Zenios 2015/2 23-34