Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2015

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Assessment of impact devaluation on trade balance and marketing in Zimbabwe (1990-2005) Emmanuel Innocents Edoun 2015/1 55-66
2. Customers perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): its impact on word-of-mouth and retention Mona H.T. Saleh 2015/2 49-55
3. Determining customer continuous online usage intention in the airline industry. Research and investment management implications Aliyu Olayemi Abdullateef 2015/1 17-27
4. Gender and perceptual dimensions of TV-advertising Lars Pynt Andersen 2015/2 30-39
5. Hospital service-line positioning and brand image: influences on service quality, patient satisfaction, and desired performance Lisa M. Sciulli 2015/2 20-29
6. Impact of unstandardized food serving size on consumer behavior Fahri Karakaya 2015/2 40-48
7. Methodological background for integration of Ukraines non-banking financial services market into international financial environment Valentyna Levchenko 2015/1 67-72
8. A model to predict outlet stores ratings using value, quality, selection, and help Khalid M. Dubas 2015/1 28-41
9. The role of social ties in word-of-mouth effectiveness: a segmentation approach Anne Martensen 2015/1 7-16
10. Service quality and customer satisfaction in banks during an economic recession and banking crisis period: the critical case of a Greek cooperative Bank Andreas Kalpadakis 2015/2 7-19
11. A theoretical extension of Tomans sibling position and gender model to industrial selling David R. Rink 2015/1 42-54