Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #2 (cont.)/2015

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Shen-Ho Chang, Teng-Shih Wang, An An Chiu, Shaio Yan Huang
Earnings management and idiosyncratic risk − evidence from the post-Sarbanes-Oxley Act period
Ajay K. Garg, Mr. Innocent Gumbochuma
Relationship between working capital management and profitability in JSE listed retail sector companies
Ioannis Tsakalos, Aristeidis Samitas, Ioannis Kinias
Volatility spillovers between energy market and international financial markets
Robertson K. Tengeh, Prominent Choto
The relevance and challenges of business incubators that support survivalist entrepreneurs
Kevin Wynne, Ron Filante
Invisible handcuffs: identifying investment constraints through fund performance
Anthony Igwe, Edeh Chukwudi Emmanuel, Wilfred I. Ukpere
Impact of fiscal policy variables on economic growth in Nigeria (1970-2012): a managerial economics perspective
Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar, Abdul Razak Ahmad, Shazida Jan Bt. Mohd Khan 
Evaluation of technology, trade, and inclusive development: Chinese experiences
Olga Kozmenko, Viktor Oliynyk  
Statistical model of risk assessment of insurance companys functioning
Ying Yang, Mohamed Albaity, Che Hashim Bin Hassan
Dynamic capital structure in China: determinants and adjustment speed
Yi-Chein Chiang, Bo-Song Lai
Dividend payout policy decision: the role of foreign ownership
Mishelle Doorasamy
Benchmarking: business strategy to improve environmental performance
Faris Nasif Al-Shubiri
An empirical investigation of process innovation outputs on market capitalization listed of Muscat Security Market
Talla M. Al-Deehani, Hasan Mounir El-Sadi, Mohammad T. Al-Deehani
Performance of Islamic banks and conventional banks before and during economic downturn