Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2014

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Are firm failure processes different? Evidence from seven countries Erkki K. Laitinen 2014/4 212-222
2. Asset sales when resale price is uncertain Shumei Gao 2014/4 54-59
3. Basis risk in solvency capital requirements for longevity risk Mariarosaria Coppola 2014/3 53-57
4. The behavior of franchisor stocks E. Hachemi Aliouche 2014/1 123-133
5. Behavioral economics as the new mainstream in economic thinking: reinterpretation of financial and currency risks Svitlana Galeshchuk 2014/1 29-33
6. Behavioral intention towards mobile banking usage by South African retail banking clients Daniel K. Maduku 2014/3 58-72
7. Board gender diversity and corporate financial performance: evidence from CAC 40 Maelia Bianchi 2014/4 25-35
8. A capital structure model (CSM) with tax rate changes Robert M. Hull 2014/3 8-21
9. Changes in organizational architecture and small business lending policy: the case of bank acquisitions Ghassen Bouslama 2014/2 8-19
10. Climate technology investment and innovation: potential benefits of CO2 capture from the air Amin Yousefi-Sahzabi 2014/4 292-303
11. Cluster analysis for regime identification and forecasting with application to the enhanced index tracking problem Wanderlei Lima de Paulo 2014/3 44-52
12. Commercial banks in microfinance: entry strategies and keys of success Rim Bounouala 2014/1 146-156
13. Credit watch placement and security price behavior around bond rating revisions Chiraphol N. Chiyachantana 2014/1 18-28
14. Day-of-the-week and jump effects in international investment sentiment indices Yen-Hsien Lee 2014/2 60-68
15. Demand for gold: goods and investment markets interdependence as a factor of gold market stabilization Victor Sazonov 2014/4 60-65
16. Determinants of foreign direct investment: an analysis of Japanese investment in Ireland using the Kano model Ronan Coy 2014/1 8-17
17. Does capital market reaction to non-economic factors generate abnormal returns? Dadang Prasetyo Jatmiko 2014/4 66-76
18. Dynamic portfolios interdependencies: new evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange Athanasios Koulakiotis 2014/2 86-99
19. Economic systems sustainable development spatial structures innovatization Mikhail Postaliuk 2014/4 127-133
20. The effect of 2008 financial crisis on trade credit: empirical evidences from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea Min-Sun Horng 2014/3 99-109
21. Effects of economic growth, export and foreign direct investment inflows on unemployment in Turkey Yılmaz Bayar 2014/2 20-27
22. Element-by-element estimation of a volatility matrix. An Italian portfolio simulation Alessia Naccarato 2014/3 34-43
23. Evaluation of an innovative project of saving energy in housing and communal services Mikhail Postaliuk 2014/1 70-76
24. Evaluation of the efficiency of state regulation on the derivatives market Yulia Yelnikova 2014/4 85-91
25. Factors affecting the absolute and relative long-term performance of initial public offerings (IPOs) on the Johannesburg security exchange (JSE) Brownhilder Ngek Neneh 2014/4 244-253
26. Female board appointments and stock market reactions: evidence from the German stock market Katharina Sudeck 2014/3 73-80
27. Financial and industrial clustering in Russia: the China experience Olga Andreeva 2014/4 164-174
28. Financial management in electric utilities on liberalized market: cross-country analysis Ekaterina Meltenisova 2014/3 110-115
29. Fiscal decentralization and poverty in South Africa: evidence from panel data analysis Tebogo J. Moche 2014/2 69-76
30. Formation of sustainable development strategy of credit organizations based on balanced scorecard Venera Vagizova 2014/1 87-96
31. Fusion investing: an innovative approach to asset selection Yudhvir Seetharam 2014/1 157-168
32. Governance and efficiency of fiscal institutions Cristian Barra 2014/3 22-27
33. Handle with care: distribution effects on the estimated cash flows to equity funds Hyung-Suk Choi 2014/4 313-319
34. Impact of an independent director system on a board of directors and the systems relation to corporate performance. Case study of listed companies in Taiwan Tsai-Yuan Lin 2014/1 56-69
35. Implications of improved information disclosure and corporate governance for directors and officers liability insurance Hsiang-Tsai Chiang 2014/4 92-106
36. The improvement of the organization of innovation enterprise operational business processes using various forms of financing Ekaterina Andreeva 2014/3 87-98
37. Improving methodology of estimating value of financial sector entities dealing in mergers and acquisitions Vyacheslav Makedon 2014/1 44-55
38. Inverse relationship of financial risk and performance in commercial banks in Tanzania Mohamad Anuar Md Amin 2014/4 279-291
39. Investing bond funds in bear stock markets Yensen Ni 2014/1 34-43
40. Investing strategies for a star industry: the case of Taiwan Yensen Ni 2014/4 49-53
41. Investment drivers of shareholder value creation in large publicly traded Russian companies Andrei Ankudinov 2014/2 77-85
42. Investment strategies of management companies in Czech companies with the venture capital involvement Jaroslava Rajchlová 2014/4 304-312
43. Investor behavior in a university student managed portfolio Kevin Wynne 2014/3 28-33
44. Islamic finance as an innovative tool for the Volga region real economy development Angela Igonina 2014/4 142-148
45. KSE: a look at sub-variants of price momentum strategy Abdullah Ejaz 2014/4 200-211
46. Liquidity-augmented performance evaluation of Thais mutual funds Teerapan Suppa-Aim 2014/2 28-37
47. Macroeconomic conditions of interaction between financial sector and agribusiness Anastasia Kasatova 2014/4 175-183
48. Measuring technical financial efficiencies and performances in the emerging markets: evidence from Turkish banking sector Fazıl Gökgöz 2014/2 111-122
49. Methodological approach to the evaluation of the financial system stability in the conditions of economic transformation Olena Lukyanets 2014/1 169-177
50. Non-linear predictability of stock market returns: comparative evidence from Japan and the US Andreas Humpe 2014/4 36-48
51. Performance and risk of green funds Rosa Adamo 2014/1 134-145
52. The performance of imbalance-based trading strategy on tender offer announcement day Han-Ching Huang 2014/2 38-46
53. Predicted vs. real stock prices: can the difference be explained by key macroeconomic factors? Stella Spilioti 2014/4 107-116
54. The predictive power of volatility models: evidence from the ETF market Chang-Wen Duan 2014/2 100-110
55. The profitability of MACD and RSI trading rules in the Australian stock market Safwan Mohd Nor 2014/4 194-199
56. Quality of banking services as a tool for building Bank − Real Sector effective business models Liliana Ikhsanova 2014/4 149-156
57. Research on the common characteristics of firms in financial distress into bankruptcy or recovery Ma-Ju Wang 2014/4 233-243
58. The role of information arrival for the Australian dollar trading volume and volatility Suk-Joong Kim 2014/4 8-24
59. Savings and investment in Malawi: a causality test Angelique Nindi 2014/4 77-84
60. Seasonality based style rotation strategy in major stock markets Hyung-Suk Choi 2014/1 178-188
61. Sectoral decomposition of the announcement effect of rights offerings: evidence from Bangladesh A.F.M. Mainul Ahsan 2014/4 254-267
62. Sovereign bond spreads and credit default swap premia: cointegration and causality Margarita Martín García 2014/2 47-59
63. A stochastic quantile approach for longevity risk Albina Orlando 2014/4 320-327
64. The stock index futures hedge ratio with structural changes Po-Kai Huang 2014/1 97-113
65. Stock market returns and hyperinflation in Zimbabwe Nyasha Mahonye 2014/4 223-232
66. Technical analysis and market efficiency: an empirical examination on energy markets Zheng-Wei Lin 2014/1 189-199
67. Tools for assessing and forecasting financial stability of the commercial bank under conditions of instability Jana Klaas 2014/4 157-163
68. Trade credit in corporate financing in South Africa: evidence from a dynamic panel data analysis Farai Kwenda 2014/4 268-278
69. The venture capital in the Czech companies: development of number of employees and efficiency of employees Jaroslava Rajchlova 2014/1 77-86
70. The vitality of beta in the ASEAN stock markets Vesarach Aumeboonsuke 2014/3 81-86
71. The Volga region banking and real sectors interaction cluster initiatives Venera Vagizova 2014/4 134-141