Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2014

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. A comparative analysis of cooperative and business insurers in the Japanese insurance market Mahito Okura 2014/1 16-21
2. A diagnosis of rural agricultural credit markets in South Africa: empirical evidence from North West and Mpumalanga provinces Joseph Chisasa 2014/2 100-111
3. A MURAME-based technology for bank decision support in credit worthiness assessment Marco Corazza 2014/3 1-18
4. An analysis of loan default determinants: the Spanish case Salvador Climent-Serrano 2014/4 116-123
5. An investigation of risk management practices in electronic banking: the case of the UK banks Hussein A. Abdou 2014/3 19-31
6. Analysis of the global market and commercial banks trends: on the opportunities for PPP financing in Serbia Sladjana Sredojevic 2014/1 36-45
7. Are the determinants of bank net interest margin and spread different? The case of North Cyprus Eralp Bektas 2014/4 82-91
8. Banking sector development and economic growth: evidence from Zimbabwe Athenia Bongani Sibindi 2014/2 51-58
9. Can banks survive in zero interest rate era? Osama Badr 2014/4 16-27
10. CEO compensation, CEO attributes and corporate risk taking evidence from US listed corporations Hai-Chin Yu 2014/4 48-72
11. Covered bonds: the Renaissance of an old acquaintance Rebeca Anguren Martín 2014/1 46-60
12. Customers adoption and use of e-banking services: the South African perspective Timothy P. Opiela 2014/2 89-94
13. Customers adoption and use of e-banking services: the South African perspective Daniel Kofi Maduku 2014/2 78-88
14. Determinants of non-performing advances in Indian banking system P. Krishna Prasanna 2014/2 65-77
15. Development and application of the monetary rule for the base interest rate of the National Bank of Ukraine Serhiy Kozmenko 2014/3 50-58
16. Does bank transparency matter? Perihan Iren 2014/1 75-93
17. Evaluating the credit assessment criteria used by financiers to assess credit applications in Mozambique Sanlie Middelberg 2014/3 83-90
18. Exit strategies and their impact on the Euro area a model based view Ansgar Belke 2014/3 59-73
19. Finance and firm characteristics in Tanzania Patricia Lindelwa Makoni 2014/4 92-98
20. Home bias in the syndicated loan market Glenn Boyle 2014/4 99-106
21. Household debt and consumption spending in South Africa: an ARDL-bounds testing approach Ashley Mutezo 2014/4 73-81
22. International investment bank spillover efficiency in financial crisis Han-Ching Huang 2014/1 94-102
23. Is the laissez-faire approach to interest rate liberalization a desirable option? A theoretical construct Nicholas M. Odhiambo 2014/1 103-110
24. Is the South African Reserve Bank influenced by exchange rates when setting interest rates? Rangan Gupta 2014/3 32-35
25. Islamic marketing as a new marketing trend: an application for determining consumers Islamic bank selection criteria Salih Yildiz 2014/1 22-27
26. Issues concerning Hayekian triangles & Phillips curves, with real wage and real interest variables Paul F. Gentle 2014/2 8-17
27. Local versus Foreign bank performance: the case study on Ghana Michael Lawer Tetteh 2014/3 43-49
28. Macroeconomics and systemic risk: must central bankers go back to their future? Philippe Moutot 2014/3 103-119
29. Monetary policy and economic growth dynamics in Uganda Enock T. Nyorekwa 2014/2 18-28
30. Monetary policy performance in Tanzania (1961-2014): a review Enock Nyorekwa 2014/4 8-15
31. Nature and characteristics of informal migrant remittance transfer channels: empirical study of remittances from South Africa to Zimbabwe Joseph Chisasa 2014/2 59-64
32. Optimality of base rate system of loan pricing of developing and emerging market economies: an evaluation Jugnu Ansari 2014/3 74-82
33. Robust panel unit root tests for the velocity of money in asample of the OECD countries Hassan Shirvani 2014/3 34-42
34. Socially responsible investment and financial performance: evidence from the Johannesburg securities exchange Ashley Mutezo 2014/3 120-129
35. Systemic risk governance in Croatian financial system Anita Pavković 2014/1 111-119
36. Techno-driven financial inclusion in Rural Nigeria: challenges and opportunities for pro-poor service delivery Isaac B. Oluwatayo 2014/2 95-99
37. The behavior of Turkish consumer loan rates, deposit rates and consumer loan premium in post-2001 currency crisis Chu V. Nguyen 2014/1 8-15
38. The finance-growth nexus in South Africas agricultural sector: a structural equation modeling approach Joseph Chisasa 2014/4 38-47
39. The impact of foreign bank entry on domestic banking in a developing country: the Kenyan perspective Ben Ukaegbu 2014/1 28-34
40. The impact of SFAS No. 8 on stock market based on a new Fama-French 3-factor model: an empirical evidence from US stock market Wen Wang, Liuling Li 2014/4 28-37
41. The impact of the financial crisis on foreign banks operating in the U.S. Kenichiro Miyamura 2014/2 29-50
42. The mirage of stability in banking disorder: on forgotten economic principles in the Euro area Edoardo Beretta 2014/1 61-74
43. The South African financial services industrys integrated reporting compliance with the global reporting initiative framework Pieter Buys 2014/4 107-115
44. The use of regression analysis in the financial planning of banks, mathematical formalization of the stages of financial planning in banks Olha Kuzmenko 2014/1 120-126
45. Which of the real money gap or nominal money gap helped predict inflation in Europe? A retrospective analysis Gilles Dufrénot 2014/3 91-102