Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2014

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Application of experiential analogy in event exhibition Ruth Lumb 2014/3 24-30
2. Brand name ethics as a marketing concern: a narrative inquiry of the Washington Redskins Debate Mark E. Moore 2014/4 6-14
3. Cause-and-effect relationship among apparel buying Namita Rajput 2014/3 42-50
4. Chevrolet and Manchester United: a transformational sponsorship in a traditional industry William J. Rowe 2014/1 40-48
5. Contribution of insurance companies to the development of the world health supermarket Olha Kozmenko 2014/3 6-13
6. Course evaluation with Google Analytics David Horowitz 2014/4 50-53
7. Does NORTH in the southern hemisphere mean SOUTH? A global view on brand-name associations Carola Würzner-Hofmann 2014/4 38-43
8. Features of shocking advertizing impact on consumers in commercial and social context Jurate Banyte 2014/2 35-46
9. From high tech to high touch: enhancing customer service experiences via improved self-service technologies Diane Halstead 2014/4 16-27
10. A global strategic framework for marketing across cultures David Dickerson 2014/3 14-23
11. How ad-talk and word-of-mouth influence consumers responses Anne Martensen 2014/2 58-69
12. The impact of manufacturers brand image congruity with stores image on customers loyalty Regina Virvilaite 2014/2 7-16
13. The impact of student engagement in a 3D virtual world on course outcomes Khalid M. Dubas 2014/2 17-34
14. Marketing to the subsistence consumer: a comparative analysis Dana-Nicoleta Lascu 2014/3 31-35
15. New culture in business: from input to output orientation Dong Liang 2014/4 44-49
16. Object interactivity and Millennial shoppers perceptions towards interactive product simulator Jiyeon Kim 2014/1 53-61
17. Political marketing: the relationship between agenda-setting and political participation Erol Ustaahmetoğlu 2014/1 32-39
18. Probing the etic vs. emic nature of consumer ethnocentrism: cross-national evidence Srinivas Durvasula 2014/1 7-16
19. The rise and fall of the Hummer class: narrative strategies in the construction of an identity myth Noel Murray 2014/1 24-31
20. The SMEs fight back: or David can win if he has big enough stones Charles S. Mayer 2014/1 17-23
21. Teaching Photoshop David Horowitz 2014/3 36-41
22. The effect of individual level variables on the effectiveness of brand placements Deepa Pillai 2014/4 28-37
23. The nature of competitiveness of corporations operating both within the EU and outside of the EU: should the Euro collapse? Norm Bedford 2014/1 49-52
24. Tribalism among US-Based Premier League supporters groups: a tribal marketing perspective Erik C. Taylor 2014/2 47-57