Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", #3/2014

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Marco Corazza, Stefania Funari, Federico Siviero
A MURAME-based technology for bank decision support in credit worthiness assessment
Hussein A. Abdou, John English, Paul O. Adewunmi
An investigation of risk management practices in electronic banking: the case of the UK banks
Rangan Gupta, Charl Jooste
Is the Is the South African Reserve Bank influenced by exchange rates when setting interest rates?
Hassan Shirvani, Natalya Delcoure
Robust panel unit root tests for the velocity of money in asample of the OECD countries   
Michael Lawer Tetteh
Local versus Foreign bank performance: the case study on Ghana
Serhiy Kozmenko, Taras Savchenko, Yanina Piontkovska  
Development and application of the monetary rule for the base interest rate of the National Bank of Ukraine
Ansgar Belke
Exit strategies and their impact on the Euro area a model based view
Jugnu Ansari, Ashima Goyal
Optimality of base rate system of loan pricing of developing and emerging market economies: an evaluation  
Sanlie Middelberg, Pieter Buys, Merwe Oberholzer
Evaluating the credit assessment criteria used by financiers to assess credit applications in Mozambique
Gilles Dufrénot, Roselyne Joyeux, Anne Péguin-Feissolle
Which of the real money gap or nominal money gap helped predict inflation in Europe?
A retrospective analysis
Philippe Moutot
Macroeconomics and systemic risk: must central bankers go back to their future?
Ashley Mutezo
Socially responsible investment and financial performance: evidence from the Johannesburg securities exchange