Journal "Innovative Marketing", #2/2014

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Regina Virvilaite, Žaneta Piligrimiene
The impact of manufacturers brand image congruity with stores image on customers loyalty
Khalid M. Dubas, Ronald D. Pressley, Assad Tavakoli, Fazlul Hoque Miah
The impact of student engagement in a 3D virtual world on course outcomes
Jurate Banyte, Kristina Paskeviciute, Ausra Rutelione
Features of shocking advertizing impact on consumers in commercial and social context
Erik C. Taylor, Mark E. Moore, Cody Logan Chullen, James E. Zemanek, Jr.
Tribalism among US-Based Premier League supporters groups: a tribal marketing perspective 
Anne Martensen, Jan Mouritsen
How ad-talk and word-of-mouth influence consumers responses