Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", #1/2014

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Chu V. Nguyen, Geungu Yu, Muhammad Mahboob Ali
The behavior of Turkish consumer loan rates, deposit rates and consumer loan premium in post-2001 currency crisis
Mahito Okura, Atsushi Nemoto
A comparative analysis of cooperative and business insurers in the Japanese insurance market
Salih Yildiz, Emel Yildiz, Mehmet Hanefi Topal
Islamic marketing as a new marketing trend: an application for determining consumers Islamic bank selection criteria
Ben Ukaegbu, Isaiah Oino
The impact of foreign bank entry on domestic banking in a developing country the Kenyan perspective
Sladjana Sredojevic, Veroljub Dugalic
Analysis of the global market and commercial banks trends: on the opportunities for PPP financing in Serbia
Rebeca Anguren Martín, José Manuel Marqués Sevillano, Luna Romo González
Covered bonds: the Renaissance of an old acquaintance
Edoardo Beretta
The mirage of stability in banking disorder: on forgotten economic principles in the Euro area
Perihan Iren, Alan Reichert, Dieter Gramlich
Does bank transparency matter?
Han-Ching Huang, Yong-Chern Su, Fan-Wei Yeh
International investment bank spillover efficiency in financial crisis
Nicholas M. Odhiambo
Is the laissez-faire approach to interest rate liberalization a desirable option? A theoretical construct
Anita Pavković, Danijel Mlinarić, Tanja Dolinar
Systemic risk governance in Croatian financial system
Olha Kuzmenko, Svitlana Kyrkach
The use of regression analysis in the financial planning of banks, mathematical formalization of the stages of financial planning in banks