Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2013

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Brand-building website design for independent hotels: a replicated model Mohamed Nassar 2013/1 7-14
2. Brand promotion antecedents, customer attitudes, and brand preference in Egyptian hyper-markets Ahmed Yehia Ebeid 2013/3 26-34
3. A comparison of perceived product quality between Bulgarian and Chinese respondents Ruth Lumb 2013/1 72-81
4. Conveying meaning in brand names by using time-inverted messages Robert Schorn 2013/3 35-41
5. Cultural essence and sport consumption: marketing organizational charisma Ketra L. Armstrong 2013/1 62-71
6. The diffusion of banking innovations: bank cards on Russian market Oksana R. Jdanova 2013/3 7-16
7. An empirical study on consumers view of new product creativity Bing Xu 2013/1 15-26
8. The genesis of Robitussins Ask Your Doctor campaign the prevalent theme of pharmaceutical advertising for four decades Sidney Kessler 2013/2 69-75
9. Guerrilla marketing structuring the manifestations and critical evaluation Gerd Nufer 2013/2 60-68
10. The impact of shocking advertising on consumer buying behavior: empirical study of Lithuanian consumers Regina Virvilaite 2013/2 47-56
11. The measurement of distributor performance with a multi-criteria decision-making method Salih Yildiz 2013/3 42-48
12. My house is green! Marketing a house as green Sharon Horsky 2013/1 57-61
13. New thoughts on internal service quality: does the chief purchasing officers commitment to front-line employees satisfaction affect the quality perceptions of consumers? Brian L. Bourdeau 2013/2 38-46
14. The Personal Selling Ethics Scale: revised and shortened for time-sensitive professionals Casey Donoho 2013/1 46-56
15. The price is right: have costs and value come full-circle? William R. Smith, Jr. 2013/2 57-59
16. Product localization in the fast food industry Wei Chen 2013/1 37-45
17. Profit and non-profit brand alliances: the pertinence of fair co-branding Sylvain Senechal 2013/2 28-37
18. Review of mergers and acquisitions research in marketing Yu Yu 2013/1 27-36
19. Synchronizing transportation activities across a products sales cycle: a conceptualization David R. Rink 2013/3 17-25
20. Three-tiered sponsorship: a study of decision heuristics across multiple levels of sport sponsorship William J. Rowe 2013/2 18-27
21. Uncovering the effect of selected moderators on the disconfirmation-satisfaction relationship: a meta-analytic approach Debi P. Mishra 2013/2 7-17