Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2013

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. A conceptual view of ethical aspect of financial crisis: case of B&H (Islamic) banking sector Amra Nuhanović 2013/3 44-57
2. A stochastic model for loan interest rates Marilena Sibillo 2013/4 94-99
3. Adequacy of international funding with special reference to financial intermediaries for socio-economic development: evidence from Swaziland Humayun Kabir 2013/3 102-109
4. Are Japanese financial markets rational? Evidence from bank merger events Heather Montgomery 2013/2 80-85
5. Banking sector reforms in the USA: a chronological overview Sheilla Nyasha 2013/2 39-47
6. Banks and banking sector reforms in Brazil: an exploratory study Sheilla Nyasha 2013/3 110-117
7. Basel III, liquidity and bank failure Lungile N.P. Hlatshwayo 2013/2 8-24
8. Basel III: impact on Latin America Maria Pilar Giráldez-Puig 2013/3 130-139
9. Believe only what you can check: credit rating agencies, structured finance, and bonds Mahmoud Elamin 2013/4 79-93
10. Cash and financial innovation: a conceptual view Mustapha Ayoola Ishola 2013/2 48-54
11. Conceptual framework for carbon footprinting in the South African Banking Sector Alfred Bimha 2013/4 19-33
12. Determinants of non-performing loans evidence from Southeastern European banking systems Marijana Ćurak 2013/1 45-53
13. Do state-owned enterprises add more value from banking relationships than rivate-owned enterprises? The case of China Hai-Chin Yu 2013/3 9-26
14. Does monetary policy cause randomness or chaos? A case study from the European Central Bank Rohnn Sanderson 2013/4 55-61
15. Does the financial system affects early stage venture capital investments? Christian Schröder 2013/1 23-35
16. Dont blame the banks for the economic crisis! Steve N. Robinson 2013/1 119-126
17. Empirical analysis of the links between sovereign bond markets and economic growth for European non-EMU countries Iuliana Matei 2013/3 58-71
18. Exploring consumer credit risk with Slovenian undergraduate students through a role-play Timotej Jagric 2013/2 73-79
19. Finance access of SMEs: what role for the ECB? Ansgar Belke 2013/2 104-112
20. Financial integration and the stability of the financial system in Southern African Customs Union Nicholas Biekpe 2013/4 67-78
21. Financial stress and commercial bank loan delinquency rate Vichet Sum 2013/3 72-75
22. How has capital affected bank risk since implementation of the Basel Accords? Robert L. Porter 2013/1 63-77
23. Impact of capital on financial performance of banks: the case of Tunisia Ben Moussa Mohamed Aymen 2013/4 47-54
24. Integrating analytic network process and data envelopment analysis for efficiency measurement of Turkish commercial banks Asli Özdemir 2013/2 86-103
25. Interest rate liberalization and inflation in developing countries: a theoretical analysis Hassan M. Shirvani 2013/3 118-123
26. Issues to consider: the federal unified budget act and the lackof following generally accepted accounting principles and implications for future liabilities Paul F. Gentle 2013/4 8-12
27. Liquidity of financial options on GARCH option pricing in AMEX option market Han-Ching Huang 2013/1 54-62
28. Measuring market powerin the Mongolian banking sector Avralt-Od Purevjav 2013/4 34-46
29. Modeling the stability dynamics of Ukrainian banking system Olha Kozmenko 2013/2 55-62
30. Multichannel distribution in banking: customers perspectives and theoretical frameworks to increase user acceptance of a multiplatform banking business Anna Omarini 2013/1 78-96
31. New Zealands bank switching costs: the regulatory response Claire Matthews 2013/3 27-34
32. No banks no crisis Ottmar Schneck 2013/4 13-18
33. Non-bank financial intermediation in the euro area: current challenges for harmonized statistics Clive Jackson 2013/4 62-66
34. Operating efficiency and productivity measurement in Taiwans banking industry Yi-Hsing Lin 2013/3 35-43
35. Role of financial intermediaries in creating international financial shock with special reference to Bangladesh: a critical review Muhammad Mahboob Ali 2013/1 8-22
36. Stability properties of the currency board: case study of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2004-2010 Shirley J. Gedeon 2013/3 89-101
37. Stages of trust development in banking relationship Shyam Bhati 2013/1 36-44
38. The determinants of capital structure in a regulatory industry: the case of Kenyan banks Ben Ukaegbu 2013/1 97-111
39. The effect of bank mergers on competitive conditions and cost efficiencies in Taiwan  a simulation analysis Tai-Hsin Huang 2013/2 25-38
40. The recovery of US commercial banking: an analysis of revenues, profits, dividends, capital and value creation Robert A. Weigand 2013/3 76-88
41. The role of credit card behavior in auto loan grant decision. An application of survival table Clover M. Yeh 2013/1 112-118
42. The significance of real interest and real wages in the temporary inflation-unemployment trade-off: some evidence from Canadian data from 1935 through 2010 Paul F. Gentle 2013/2 63-72
43. Wealth effects of bank mergers in India: a study of impact on share prices, volatility and liquidity Muneesh Kumar 2013/1 127-133
44. Whether different changing tax rates cause the increase or decrease of the risk level of listed Vietnam banking firms? Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy 2013/3 124-129