Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2013

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Agent simulation modeling of corporations innovation performance Ernest Ibragimov 2013/1 (cont.) 218-224
2. Alternative Monte Carlo simulation models and the growth option with jumps Susana Alonso Bonis 2013/3 19-29
3. Analysis of loss given default Markus Höchstötter 2013/4 70-79
4. The association between exchange rates and stock returns Zakri Bello 2013/3 40-45
5. Capital efficiency and market value in knowledge and capital-intensive firms: an empirical study Gianpaolo Iazzolino 2013/2 (cont.) 147-157
6. Capital structure in the MENA region: empirical evidence from Morocco and Turkey George Iatridis 2013/1 68-77
7. The Chinese New Year holiday effect: evidence from Chinese ADRs Congsheng Wu 2013/2 8-14
8. Cointegration between stock prices and exchange rates in Asia-Pacific countries Sazali Abidin 2013/2 (cont.) 142-146
9. Contagion effects in the European NYSE Euronext stock markets in the context of the 2010 sovereign debt crisis Paulo Horta 2013/4 (cont.) 114-124
10. County-level bankruptcy beta and its impact on the supply of revolving credit Gregory Elliehausen 2013/1 (cont.) 114-126
11. The decomposition and causes of securities dealers cascades in the Taiwan stock market Hao Fang 2013/3 30-39
12. Development of an explicit rule of monetary policy for the economy of Ukraine Serhiy Kozmenko 2013/1 8-19
13. Do cats and dogs eat grass before a rain? Analysis of weather effects on order submissions and order imbalances Matthew C. Chang 2013/4 (cont.) 137-147
14. Do corporate borrowers crowd out each other in the bond markets? Halil D. Kaya 2013/2 35-43
15. The effect of information disclosure on information asymmetry Chiraphol N. Chiyachantana 2013/1 (cont.) 225-234
16. The effect of regime shift in minimum variance hedging ratio: the evidence of the crude palm oil market Rozaimah Zainudin 2013/4 (cont.) 189-198
17. The effect of the demand sides confidence on the supply sides confidence: the mediating role of financial stress Vichet Sum 2013/4 43-47
18. An empirical cross-section analysis of stock returns on the Chinese A-share stock market Christopher Gan 2013/1 (cont.) 127-136
19. Empirical evidence on acquisition activities Amporn Soongswang 2013/1 95-102
20. European indexed investments: how to identify the most efficient index Guido Abate 2013/1 (cont.) 137-145
21. Evaluating intellectual capital for supporting credit risk assessment: an empirical study Gianpaolo Iazzolino 2013/2 44-54
22. Evaluation and use of indicators of insurance companies investment activities Olha Kozmenko 2013/3 98-105
23. Exchange rate dynamics and Forex hedging strategies Mihir Dash 2013/4 (cont.) 125-129
24. Financial development under financial repression: the case of Iran Mete Feridun 2013/1 (cont.) 197-206
25. Financial liberalization and economic growth in Ivory Coast: an empirical investigation Erasmus L. Owusu 2013/4 (cont.) 171-180
26. Financial stability assessment of regional banking sector under modern conditions by means of operating procedures of its determination Venera Vagizova 2013/3 89-97
27. Government ownership and corporate performance: evidence from green technology industry in Taiwan Hsiang-Tsai Chiang 2013/1 46-56
28. Hi-tech entrepreneurial structure upgrade project Natalia M. Filimonova 2013/4 (cont.) 166-170
29. Historical interest rates and debt market timing: evidence from the private placement market Halil D. Kaya 2013/2 (cont.) 114-122
30. How oil prices affect investments by firms in the Taiwanese green energy industry? Chien-Jen Wang 2013/1 86-94
31. Identifying time variability in stock and interest rate dependence Michael Stein 2013/2 73-83
32. The impact of business conditions on firms debt-equity choice Halil D. Kaya 2013/1 20-28
33. The impact of hard discount control mechanism on the discount volatility of UK closed-end funds Ahmed F. Salhin 2013/3 68-75
34. The impact of the financial tsunami on stock investment behavior: the case of individual investors in Taiwan Min-Hua Kuo 2013/1 (cont.) 207-217
35. Implementation forms of institutional support for traditional and innovative development of national economic systems Mikhail Postaliuk 2013/4 88-94
36. Institutional ownership and stock liquidity Shuming Liu 2013/4 18-26
37. Institutional trading, momentum and idiosyncratic volatility Fatma Sonmez 2013/2 55-63
38. Is Chinas equity market a systematic risk for international asset pricing models? Alan T. Wang 2013/3 (cont.) 174-183
39. Italian asset management companies: governance structure and mutual funds Gino Gandolfi 2013/2 64-72
40. Long memory in the Ukranian stock market Guglielmo Maria Caporale 2013/2 (cont.) 123-131
41. The long-run impact of IPO market timing on capital structure Halil D. Kaya 2013/1 (cont.) 146-154
42. Macroeconomic news and Italian equity market Rosangela Mastronardi 2013/2 (cont.) 132-141
43. Mandatory managerial stock ownership plans and quality and credibility of management forecasts Marie Blouin 2013/1 57-67
44. Market timing using asset rotation on exchange traded funds: a meta-analysis on trading performance Panagiotis Schizas 2013/2 (cont.) 166-173
45. Mean-CoAVaR optimization for global banking portfolios Tetsuo Kurosaki 2013/2 15-20
46. Measurement of efficiency in the airline industry using data envelopment analysis Atul Rai 2013/1 38-45
47. Media coverage, analyst recommendation upgrade and information content of inclusions into S&P indexes Wenjuan Xie 2013/1 78-85
48. Modeling complex safety covenant of corporate risky bonds under the double exponential jump-diffusion process Wen-Chieh Chang 2013/2 (cont.) 193-207
49. Momentum and contrarian strategies in Eurozone futures markets Giuseppe Torluccio 2013/2 21-34
50. Mutual fund performance evaluation during periods of market turbulence: evidence from the Greek market Nikolaos Philippas 2013/1 (cont.) 174-183
51. On the choice based sample bias in probabilistic bankruptcy prediction Kenth Skogsvik 2013/1 29-37
52. On the dynamics of volatility transmission: an empirical investigation on G-8 countries Mohammad G. Robbani 2013/1 (cont.) 166-173
53. On the impact of style investing over institutional herding: evidence from a highly concentrated market Konstantinos Gavriilidis 2013/4 27-42
54. The origin of short-term momentum effects profits Abdullah Ejaz 2013/3 8-18
55. Potential gains from predicting the timing of stock market persistence and mean reversion Heng-Hsing Hsieh 2013/3 55-67
56. Principal versus principal conflicts in the Brazilian context Luiza Branco 2013/4 80-87
57. Profit participation annuities: a business profitability analysis within a demographic risk sensitive approach Valeria DAmato 2013/1 (cont.) 155-165
58. Profit sharing and loss bearing in financial intermediation theory Wan Norsyakila Wan Kamarudin 2013/2 (cont.) 184-192
59. The relationship between cash conversion cycle and financial characteristics of industrial sectors: an empirical study Faris Nasif Al-Shubiri 2013/4 95-102
60. The relationship between stock returns and foreign exchange rates in China using smooth regime-switching approach Chien-Jen Wang 2013/3 46-54
61. Size, value and leverage. How are they accounted for? Mauro Andriotto 2013/4 8-17
62. Short-term persistence and mutual fund characteristics Udomsak Wongchoti 2013/4 (cont.) 156-165
63. The speed of convergence to market efficiency on NASDAQ hedging stocks Han-Ching Huang 2013/2 84-92
64. Stock returns and trading volume: does the size matter? Azhar Assan 2013/3 76-88
65. Systematic risk measurement in the global banking stock market with time series analysis and CoVaR Tetsuo Kurosaki 2013/1 (cont.) 184-196
66. Technical trading strategies with market impact Alfred Ka Chun Ma 2013/2 93-102
67. Testing pecking order behaviors from the viewpoint of multinational and domestic corporations Chuan-Hao Hsu 2013/2 (cont.) 158-165
68. Theoretical aspects of investment demand for gold Victor Sazonov 2013/4 (cont.) 148-155
69. Time-varying real estate prices and urban household consumption − an empirical study on selected cities in China Shuyun Li 2013/4 64-69
70. The transitory and permanent components of return volatility in Asian stock markets Yung-Shi Liau 2013/4 (cont.) 181-188
71. Unlocking the secrets of fundamental indexes: size effect or value effect? Evidence from emerging stock markets Heng-Hsing Hsieh 2013/4 48-63
72. Will the market P/E ratio revert to its mean? Robert Irons 2013/4 (cont.) 130-136