Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", #3/2013

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Contents of issue

Hai-Chin Yu, Nguyen Van Hoa
Do state-owned enterprises add more value from banking relationships than private-owned enterprises? The case of China
Claire Matthews
New Zealands bank switching costs: the regulatory response  
Yi-Hsing Lin, Chih-Ching Yang
Operating efficiency and productivity measurement inTaiwans banking industry  
Amra Nuhanović, Mirnesa Baraković Nurikić
A conceptual view of ethical aspect of financial crisis: case of B&H (Islamic) banking sector
Iuliana Matei
Empirical analysis of the links between sovereign bond markets and economic growth for European non-EMU countries   
Vichet Sum, Jung-Chu Lin
Financial stress and commercial bank loan delinquency rate  
Robert A. Weigand
The recovery of US commercial banking: an analysis of revenues, profits, dividends, capital and value creation
Shirley J. Gedeon
Stability properties of the currency board: case study of Bosnia-Herzegovina 2004-2010
Humayun Kabir
Adequacy of international funding with special reference to financial intermediaries for socio-economic development: evidence from Swaziland
Sheilla Nyasha, Nicholas M. Odhiambo
Banks and banking sector reforms in Brazil: an exploratory study
Hassan M. Shirvani, Sidika Gulfem Bayram
Interest rate liberalization and inflation in developing countries: a theoretical analysis
Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Humayun Kabir
Whether different changing tax rates cause the increaseor decrease of the risk level of listed Vietnam banking firms?
Maria Pilar Giráldez-Puig, Emma Berenguer
Basel III: impact on Latin America