Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2012

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. The allure of hedonic versus utilitarian food temptations featured in advertising appeals David J. Moore 2012/1 21-29
2. Beyond traditional segmentation: redefining multicultural marketing Jaime Noriega 2012/1 64-72
3. Business relationship development and the influence of psychic distance Bassam Shaladi 2012/3 73-80
4. Buyer-supplier relationships in a period of recession: the role of satisfaction in repeat patronage and the propensity to initiate price negotiation Per Servais 2012/4 19-30
5. The conflict between marketing and sales Sarina Rehme 2012/2 74-90
6. Consumer aspirations and intentions: an evaluation of housing products and services in Mongolia Burmaa Jamiyansuren 2012/4 31-41
7. Consumers and increasing price sensibility Josep-Francesc Valls 2012/1 52-63
8. Consumers online privacy concerns: causes and effects Soumava Bandyopadhyay 2012/3 32-39
9. Convergent storytelling as promotion: a model for brand engagement and equity Douglas Robideaux 2012/1 48-51
10. Developing corporate strategies to successfully conduct business in an uncertain euro zone Norm Bedford 2012/3 16-20
11. The effect of branding on consumer choice through blind and non-blind taste tests Oded Lowengart 2012/4 7-18
12. Eye tracking analysis: engagement levels and donor tendencies using print advertisements with emotional appeals Lisa M. Sciulli 2012/2 91-98
13. Factors affecting Indian consumers online buying behavior Jayendra Sinha 2012/2 46-57
14. Field sales manager scrutiny in the digital age: LMX meets Big Brother Susan K. DelVecchio 2012/1 40-47
15. Gender difference in usage of IPS Jiyeon Kim 2012/1 81-91
16. Generational research in the sales arena Roberta Schultz 2012/1 8-14
17. Harnessing the power of social networks for branding hotel services: evidence from the Egyptian hotel sector Mohamed A. Nassar 2012/2 58-66
18. Hyping diffusion: all adopters are not equal Martin Nunlee 2012/3 40-47
19. The impact of customer interaction on customer loyalty in Taiwans international tourist hotels: the mediating effect of service quality and trust Li-Min Chuang 2012/2 33-45
20. In search of services in the market place.
A probability of presence approach for retail services in Sweden
Johan Klaesson 2012/3 48-61
21. Innovating cross-cultural marketing models for managing global sales and indirect distribution David Dickerson 2012/1 73-80
22. An innovative approach for sustainable insertion of smallholders in food chains Marcos Fava Neves 2012/3 21-31
23. The moderating role of trust in the Internet on online ad and brand attitude formations Edmund K. Hershberger 2012/2 25-32
24. The NPD team conflict: insights from cultural diversity and geographical dispersion Zheng Ma 2012/3 62-72
25. Role of flow in online store loyalty Ananth Chiravuri 2012/3 7-15
26. Shoplifting among university students: a case study of University of Botswana Njoku O. Ama 2012/1 30-39
27. A study of consumer behavioral intention to use e-books: the Technology Acceptance Model perspective Wen-Chia Tsai 2012/4 55-66
28. Teaching search engine optimization in marketing research David Horowitz 2012/4 67-70
29. The transformation of customer focus: lessons from emerging markets Sandra Vandermerwe 2012/2 8-16
30. Transparency in Spanish credit institutions Antoni Segui-Alcaraz 2012/2 67-73
31. Understanding consumer behavior in an organized retail sector: Indian apparel industry Namita Rajput 2012/2 17-24
32. A use intention survey of mobile banking with smart phones an integrated study of security anxiety, internet trust and TAM Yenhui Ouyang 2012/1 15-20
33. What does actually reveal the net promoter score? Empirical evidence from European mobile markets François Jeanjean 2012/4 42-54