Journal "Problems and Perspectives in Management ", Annual Index/2012

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
  SECTION 1. Macroeconomic processes and regional economies management      
1. Could US stocks be fairly-valued under the new normal paradigm? Robert A. Weigand 2012/4 7-16
2. Do momentum strategies generate profits in emerging stock markets? Joseph D. Vu 2012/3 9-22
3. Factors influencing performance of tourism and hospitality entrepreneurial businesses in West Virginia Alina M. Zapalska 2012/2 8-15
4. Integrating 3PL in urban logistics organization Odile Chanut 2012/2 16-28
5. The involvement of French banks in microcredit: a complementary structural analysis to the new institutional approach Jean-Yves Saulquin 2012/4 30-37
6. Is the fair trade a driver for the internationalization of less developed countries firms? Adele Parmentola 2012/3 45-56
7. Measuring performance of local e-government in the Republic of Croatia using data envelopment analysis Jelena Jardas Antonić 2012/3 35-44
8. The mix of research methods in the leading tourism journals: 2000-2009 Alison Dunn 2012/1 8-16
9. Locus of control and subjective well-being a cross-cultural study Alexandra Stocks 2012/1 17-25
10. Relationship of exports, Forex and MSMEs in India: an econometric study Namita Rajput 2012/3 23-34
11. Unemployment status in Jordan during the first decade of twenty-first century Abdul Ghafoor I. Ahmad Saidi 2012/4 17-29
  SECTION 2. Management in firms and organizations       
12. Conflict in organizations: the role of routine Peter Kesting 2012/2 50-59
13. ETFs: finding your way around active risk Marius Dethleffsen 2012/2 29-41
14. The effects of employee perceptions of monitoring procedures on turnover Lynn M. Haley 2012/3 75-82
15. Improving efficiency in budgeting an interventionist approach to spreadsheet accuracy testing Rainer Lueg 2012/1 32-41
16. An innovative approach of the mechanism of organizational synergetic learning in emerging economy Xue-Guo Xu 2012/3 67-74
17. IT, SMEs performance and regional development: an empirical study of insular firms Alidou Ouedraogo 2012/4 38-48
18. Labor income inequality in Japanese corporations and employee health: evidence from Japanese Health Insurance Society data Toshiaki Kouno 2012/4 49-56
19. Linking CSR and financial performance: an empirical validation Namita Rajput 2012/2 42-49
20. Perspectives on value creation and coopetition Rauno Rusko 2012/2 60-72
21. The role of disseminative capacity in knowledge sharing: which model can be applied to SMEs? Jean-Pierre Noblet 2012/3 57-66
22. State of strategy and structure in India: a study of top 100 firms Rajesh K. Pillania 2012/1 26-31
  SECTION 3. General issues in management       
23. The applicability of the high performance organizations framework in Dutch soccer clubs André de Waal 2012/3 83-94
24. The appropriation of migrant labor in Australian football Kieran James 2012/1 51-65
25. A cognitive reading of hospital governance or how cognitive conflicts can generate cooperation Olivier Meier 2012/2 73-80
26. Consolidation of the energy sector, potential synergies, and realized shareholder value survey and new insights from top managers perceptions Robert Fraunhoffer 2012/2 81-92
27. Corporate governance disclosure: a study of NIFTY companies Namita Rajput 2012/1 42-50
28. The economic value of nonlinear predictions in asset allocation Friedrich Kruse 2012/1 66-81
29. Enterprise risk management and business performance during the financial and economic crises Tony K. Quon 2012/3 95-103
30. Frontier and envelopment evaluations of university graduation efficiencies and productivities: elements for performance-based funding G. Thomas Sav 2012/4 71-79
31. Integrating brand and marketing perspectives in M&A Florian Andreas Bauer 2012/4 57-70
32. Sunk costs and the need for justification: an experimental study on de-escalation Alexandra Rausch 2012/2 93-106
  SECTION 4. Practitioners corner        
33. The application of quality management in the financial services sector in Jordan Arwa Ayyash 2012/3 112-124
34. The attraction and expansion of e-commerce during the recent economic downturn Lloyd J.F. Southern 2012/3 104-111
35. An empirical analysis of small country import demand function: a case of Guyana Hector C. Butts 2012/1 105-121
36. The internationalization: a driver of business volume? The case of Euronext 100 multinational companies between 2005 and 2009 Samia Belaounia 2012/3 125-130
37. Modernization through benchmarking: an analysis of three utility companies Per Nikolaj Bukh 2012/1 93-104
38. Perspectives on the quality movement in the supply chain environment Jeffrey E. Jarrett 2012/2 107-114
39. Relationship between types of trust and level of adoption of Internet banking Muneesh Kumar 2012/1 82-92
  Philosophy of management        
40. The dance of identification: ambivalence, irony and organizational selfing Richard Badham 2012/4 80-97