Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2012

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. 3-year LTROs a first assessment of a non-standard policy measure Ansgar Belke 2012/4 43-52
2. Are defined contribution pension schemes socially sustainable? A conceptual map from a macroprudential perspective 24 Giuseppe Marotta 2012/1 24-30
3. Are Islamic bank promises delivered or failed? Evidence from cross country Islamic banks Abdus Samad 2012/3 97-102
4. Assessment of financial convergence of Ukraine with the CIS countries and the European Union Serhiy Kozmenko 2012/4 5-17
5. Bank efficiency in Turkey during the recent global crisis Shahram Taj 2012/2 5-10
6. Basel Pillar II risks: a comparison of risk type perimeter in Italian banks Federica Ielasi 2012/4 67-74
7. Cambodian lending-deposit rate spread: the results of non-market influences Chu V. Nguyen 2012/1 5-13
8. CEO duality and bank performance: the consistent null Medhat Hassanein 2012/1 14-23
9. Certification announcement effect of financial holding company a GARCH event study Yong-Chern Su 2012/1 31-39
10. Comparison between long term and short term deposit interest rates in a model of adverse selection: a theoretical framework Geethanjali Selvaretnam 2012/4 75-84
11. Determinants of cause co-branding success: a study of consumers attitudes in banking sector Abbo Marie Hélène 2012/2 106-114
12. The determinants of mortgage interest rates: an empirical analysis of the euro area countries Carlo Milani 2012/2 51-61
13. Dynamic conditional correlation and probability distribution among Tokyo, London and New York yen/dollar FX markets Hai-Chin Yu 2012/3 112-124
14. The economics of external debt: a Damocles Sword hanging over the Emergent and the Virtuous (Germany) Edoardo Beretta 2012/2 78-85
15. Effects of the current financial crisis on Islamic banks compared to conventional banks Chokri Zehri 2012/1 83-93
16. Endogenously unstable demand deposit contracts: triggering bank runs without sunspots Debora Di Caprio 2012/2 19-34
17. The factors impacting on customers decisions to adopt Internet banking Michael D. Clemes 2012/3 33-50
18. Financial development and economic growth in Malawi: an empirical analysis Kisu Simwaka 2012/3 85-96
19. Foreign institutional investors and Chinas financial service industry: the intra-industry effects of the foreign acquisition of Shenzhen Development Bank Yili Lian 2012/4 32-42
20. Hedge funds and leverage estimation Pierre Clauss 2012/4 24-31
21. The impact of corporate governance on the market value of financial institutions: empirical evidence from Italy Rossana Bubbico 2012/2 11-18
22. The integration of the banking, insurance and reinsurance markets in Russia and Ukraine Olha Kozmenko 2012/3 103-111
23. Investment bank reputation in primary and secondary market makings Yong-Chern Su 2012/1 63-72
24. Investors behaviour and the relevance of asymmetric risk measures Olga Bourachnikova 2012/2 86-93
25. Money demand function for Malawi implications for monetary policy conduct Mark Lungu 2012/1 50-62
26. Motivation of risk taking behavior of banks in different countries: an international perspective Sheng-Hung Chen 2012/2 115-128
27. Off-balance sheet activities and the assessment of off-balance sheet credit risk management in the banking sector of the Czech Republic Veronika Bučková 2012/3 18-24
28. Official central bank interventions in the foreign exchange markets: a DCC approach with exogenous variables Nikolaos Antonakakis 2012/2 35-50
29. On optimal integration of financial markets Sebastian Cortese 2012/3 5-17
30. Opacity of banks and inefficient bank management: an analysis Carmela DAvino 2012/4 53-66
31. Ownership transformation and bank performance in Taiwan: how should the reform proceed? Jung-Chu Lin 2012/3 70-84
32. A positive economics view of short selling Robert J. Bianchi 2012/2 62-70
33. Post-crisis corporate governance in Thailand: banking sector Chatrudee Jongsureyapart 2012/1 40-49
34. The rise of smartphone apps: opportunities for customer-centric retail banking Anne Schaefer 2012/1 73-82
35. The role of central banks in maintaining monetary stability during the global financial crisis Christopher A. Hartwell 2012/3 51-69
36. Testing the consistency of internal credit ratings Edward H.K. Ng 2012/3 25-32
37. The transformation of the financial system in emerging markets after financial liberalization: a case study for Turkey Tevfik Hakan Ongan 2012/4 18-23
38. The transition to a marketing orientation in banking: cross-selling, screening incentives and information synergies Stefania Cosci 2012/1 94-107
39. Waqf-shares: new product to finance old waqf properties Magda Ismail A. Mohsin 2012/2 71-77
40. Was there a credit crunch during the 2007-2009 financial crises? Empirical analysis and evidence from a vector error correction model Daniele Di Giulio 2012/2 94-105