Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2012

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Accruals and cash flows anomalies: evidence from the Indian stock market Sanjay Sehgal 2012/4 49-59
2. Aggregation of an FX order book based on complex event processing Barret Pengyuan Shao 2012/1 88-92
3. An analysis of prices, volumes, and bid-ask spreads surrounding the announcement of tender offers Han-Ching Huang 2012/2 15-22
4. Analysis of Syariah quantitative screening norms among Malaysia Syariah-compliant stocks Wee Ching Pok 2012/2 69-80
5. Can market volatilities ripple across nations? An investigation using exchange traded funds Fahimeh Rezayat 2012/2 8-14
6. A capital structure model with wealth transfers Robert M. Hull 2012/3 19-32
7. The causal relationship between foreign currency futures and spot market: evidence from Turkey Ulas Unlu 2012/2 (cont.) 208-212
8. Comparative predictability of failure of financial institutions using multiple models Mo Vaziri 2012/2 (cont.) 120-127
9. Credit risk analysis and the KMV Black and Scholes model: a proposal of correction and an empirical analysis Gianpaolo Iazzolino 2012/2 (cont.) 167-181
10. Does board structure affect financial distress? A study with reference to family firms in Lebanon Charbel Salloum 2012/4 113-123
11. Duration dependence test of rational speculative bubbles:a case study of the Hong Kong stock market Christopher Gan 2012/2 37-48
12. Economic inefficiency and unconstitutionality of short selling and privileged private clearing house Sankarshan Acharya 2012/2 49-60
13. The effect of public expenditure on economic growth: Turkey example Metehan Yilgör 2012/2 (cont.) 193-202
14. An empirical examination of alternative valuation models: the case of the London Stock Exchange Stella Spilioti 2012/1 137-142
15. An evidence-based investigation into the implications of socio-economic factors for private investment decision-making in the context of India Senthil Kumar Kesavan 2012/1 126-136
16. Fixed asset sales by financially distressed firms: bank pressure or bankruptcy avoidance Geun Hwan Shin 2012/4 60-70
17. Forecasting the dynamics of financial markets. Empirical evidence in the long term Leonardo Franci 2012/3 93-102
18. Hidden addition acquisitions Sudip Ghosh 2012/3 103-110
19. Hong Kong capital flight: determinants and features Yingli Han 2012/3 33-46
20. Human capital: assessing the financial value of football players on the basis of real options theory Aloïs Kanyinda 2012/4 27-37
21. Hypercompetition: the driving force behind successful business innovations? A critical review of literature Tayfun Turgay 2012/3 111-119
22. Idiosyncratic volatility, illiquidity and the expected stock returns: exploring the relationship with quantile regression Mu-Shun Wang 2012/4 104-112
23. Illegal corporate behavior and the value of firms Sheng-Jung Shiau 2012/4 38-48
24. The impact of budget deficits on money demand in Jordan: co-integration and vector error correction analysis Husni Ali Khrawish 2012/2 101-108
25. Impact of FDI on innovation in Tunisias high-tech industries Sonia Seghir 2012/4 96-103
26. Impact of the investment and gross domestic product on the Amman Stock Exchange index Abedalfattah Zuhair Al-Abedallat 2012/3 130-136
27. Investor sentiment of lottery stock − evidence from the Taiwan stock market Yu-Min Wang 2012/2 (cont.) 203-207
28. Is the progress of financial innovations a continuous spiral process? Dionisis Th. Philippas 2012/1 20-31
29. Market conditions, seasoned equity offerings and capital structure Halil D. Kaya 2012/4 15-26
30. The multiplication of the credit rating agencies efforts under IRB approach Alexander M. Karminsky 2012/4 78-88
31. The necessity of stock markets information incorporation into the methodology of credit rating agencies Serhiy Kozmenko 2012/3 8-18
32. The outcome of backdating investigations: economic consequences, market overreaction and management motives Jingyu Li 2012/1 70-87
33. Price discovery in Indian stock market: the case of S&P CNX Nifty index Namita Rajput 2012/3 120-129
34. Regimes in Australian pension fund returns: a hidden semi-Markov approach Robert J. Bianchi 2012/1 55-69
35. The relation between changes in the information content of earnings and expected stock returns: empirical evidence for Japan Andreas Charitou 2012/1 115-125
36. Relationship between cross sectional volatility and stock returns: evidence from India Sanjay Sehgal 2012/2 91-100
37. The relative valuation of US equities at bear market bottoms: a perspective on the equity risk premium Robert A. Weigand 2012/2 (cont.) 155-166
38. Research on the risky convertible bond with reset clause: an application of finite difference method I-Ming Jiang 2012/2 61-68
39. Short-term prior return patterns in stocks and sector returns: evidence for BRICKS markets Sanjay Sehgal 2012/1 93-114
40. Solvency indicators for partially unfunded pension funds Roberta Melis 2012/4 71-77
41. Stock prices and exchange rates in Sri Lanka: some empirical evidence Guneratne B. Wickremasinghe 2012/4 8-14
42. A study of dynamics in market volatility indices between the US and Taiwan Yen-Hsien Lee 2012/4 89-95
43. Tax structuring and the value of the firm. Utilization of affiliated financial intermediary SPEs and hybrid instruments in investment banking Thomas Kollruss 2012/2 (cont.) 128-135
44. Time series and neural network forecasts of daily stock prices Kuo-Cheng Tseng 2012/1 32-54
45. Time-dependent selection of important economic indicators over stock prices Naoshi Tsuchida 2012/2 23-36
46. Tourism funding by international financial institutions. A critical analysis Isabel Carrillo-Hidalgo 2012/3 76-92
47. UN PRI and private equity returns. Empirical evidence from the US market Emanuele Teti 2012/3 60-67
48. Underpricing of initial public offerings in India Asim Kumar Mishra 2012/2 (cont.) 182-192
49. Underpricing of private equity backed, venture capital backed and non-sponsored IPOs Vlad Mogilevsky 2012/3 47-59
50. The use of Bayesian methods in financial research Kristine Beck 2012/3 68-75
51. Using IFRS to understand the impact of the privatization on the firms performance: evidence from Europe Hassan Obeid 2012/2 (cont.) 136-145
52. Value creation potential of intellectual capital in the digital content industry Hsing-Hwa Hsiung 2012/2 81-90
53. What is a good investment measure? Ping Hsiao 2012/1 8-19
54. Yield spreads, value of bonds, and implications for liquidity management an empirical analysis during the crisis Mario Strassberger 2012/2 (cont.) 146-154