Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2011

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Analyst coverage initiations for banking IPOs Crook, M., D., Howe, J., S. 2011/2 68-77
2. Assessing the efficiency of foreign banks in Indian context Rajput, N., Gupta, M. 2011/2 99-106
3. Bank failure in Nigeria: a consequence of capital inadequacy, lack of transparency and non-performing loans? Adeyemi, B. 2011/1 99-109
4. Bank risk and effectiveness of insider ownership: the case of Korean banks Lee, S., W. 2011/4 64-72
5. Behavior of lending and deposit rates in an economy where conventional and Islamic finance systems coexist: the case of Malaysia Nguyen, C., V., Manrique, J. 2011/4 15-22
6. Board governance and performance of Chinese banks Rowe, W., Shi, W., Wang, C. 2011/1 26-40
7. Construct of credit risk management index for commercial bank Kumar, M., Anju, M., A., Lahille, J.-P. 2011/1 16-25
8. Cooperative and savings banks in Europe: nature, challenges and perspectives Martín, R., A., Sevillano, J., M., M. 2011/3 121-135
9. Does the ECB rely on a Taylor rule? Comparing ex-post with real time data Belke, A., Klose, J. 2011/2 36-51
10. Economies of scale and scope in Macaus banking sector Fu, M., X., Sio, E., U. 2011/4 90-97
11. Factors affecting stock market performance with special reference to market-to-book ratio in banking the Israeli case Ruthenberg, D., Pearl, D.,S., Landskroner Y. 2011/1 87-98
12. Financial crisis and bond market development in Asia: a case study of India and South East Asian countries Rai, S., K. 2011/3 147-154
13. Financial crises and capital buffer: evidence from the Turkish banking sector Atici, G., Gursoy, G. 2011/1 72-86
14. Financial development and economic growth nexus: another look at the panel evidence from different geographical regions Eng, Y., K., Habibullah, M., S. 2011/1 62-71
15. The financial performance of the US commercial banks (2001-2010) Weigand, A., R., Irons, R. 2011/3 51-62
16. Financial structure and policy of Australias retirement system Wise, V., Ntalianis, M. 2011/2 15-22
17. The effect of bank capital structure and financial indicators on CIs financial strength ratings: the case of the Middle East Mostafa, W., Eldomiaty, T., Abdou, H. 2011/3 5-15
18. An empirical analysis of New Zealand bank customers' satisfaction Gan, C., Clemes, M., Wei, J., Kao, B. 2011/3 63-77
19. Impact of corruption on banking profitability in ASEAN countries: an empirical analysis Mongid, A., Tahir, I., M. 2011/1 41-48
20. Improving Phillips curve based inflation forecasts: a monetary approach for the Euro area Czudaj, R. 2011/2 5-14
21. Influence of financial reform on business-lending performance of large and small commercial banks evidence from the Taiwan market Lo, W.-C., Chen, J.-T., Chang, C.-M. 2011/2 58-67
22. Investigating implied asset correlation and capital requirements: empirical evidence from the Italian banking system Curcio, D., Gianfrancesco, I., Malinconico, A. 2011/2 116-125
23. Market Power in GCC banking sector Haskour, J., A., Abdulqader, K., S., Rami Zeitun, R. 2011/4 73-83
24. Modeling and forecasting debt market yields: evidence from India Sehgal, S., Bijoy, K., Deisting, F. 2011/4 49-63
25. Monday effect and institutional holdings on tourism stocks: the Taiwan Security Exchange Evidence Ho, C.-M., Chuang, L.-M., Kuo, C.-H. 2011/2 107-115
26. Mutual influence of exchange assets: analysis and estimation Kozmenko, S., Plastun, O. 2011/2 52-57
27. Mutual influence of the exchange assets: practical aspects Kozmenko, S., Plastun, O. 2011/4 5-10
28. NA-GARCH modeling value-at-risk of financial holdings Su, Y.-C., Kao, L.-C., Chen, P. 2011/2 78-98
29. A new approach to data envelopment analysis with an application to bank efficiency in Turkey Shirvani, H., Taj, S., Mirshab, B. 2011/1 5-10
30. New banking trends, MCDA and financial decisions: insights and a framework for retail banking Ferreira, F., A., F., Spahr, R., W., Pereira, J., A., M. 2011/2 23-35
31. Non-performing assets in Indian public sector banks: an analytical study Rajput, N., Arora, A., P., Kaur, B. 2011/4 84-89
32. Optimal investment with transparency costs and tax evasion Bagella, M., Busato, F., Castelli, A. 2011/3 136-146
33. The persistence of strong money supply growth in China: the forces of endogenous determinants Yong, C. 2011/4 33-48
34. The pricing of government-guaranteed bank bonds Levy, A., Zaghini, A. 2011/3 16-24
35. Reducing the cost of California debt by establishing a state-owned bank Yang, C., Anderson, B. 2011/3 155-159
36. Re-examine weekend effects and intraday returns: a probability distribution approach for Dow and Nasdaq ten-minute indices Yu, H.-C., Wu, C.-Y., Hsieh, D.-T. 2011/3 25-50
37. Relationship between merger announcement and stock returns: evidence from Indian banking Kumar, M., Kumar, S., de La Morandiere, L., P. 2011/4 23-32
38. Relationships within banks in India: A theoretical perspective Bhati, S., De Zoysa, A. 2011/3 98-105
39. Retail banking: the challenge of getting customer intimate Omarini, A. 2011/3 78-89
40. Risk, concentration and market power in the banking industry: evidence from the Colombian system (1997-2006) Tovar, J., Jaramillo, C., Hernández, C., E. 2011/1 49-61
41. The roles of outside directors in cooperative financial institutions: the case of Japan Yamori, N., Harimaya, K., Tomimura, K. 2011/4 11-14
42. The silent Basel III practice: evidence from the Canadian banking system and ethical banks Paulet, E. 2011/3 90-97
43. Stock exchanges. Are we meeting the needs of our customers? da Costa, J. R., Mata, M., E. 2011/3 106-120
44. Testing the weak efficient market hypothesis using Bangladeshi panel data Nguyen, C., V., Ali, M., M. 2011/1 11-15