Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2011

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Branding the controversial: challenges in destination branding Dana-Nicoleta Lascu 2011/2 20-28
2. Breakeven and profitability analyses in marketing management using R software Khalid M. Dubas 2011/3 51-61
3. Business development in the early stages of commercializing disruptive innovation: considering the implications of Moore's life cycle model and Christensen's model of disruptive innovation Joseph Giglierano 2011/2 29-39
4. Celebrity endorsements vis-a-vis brand equity of high fashion products: a cross-cultural perspective Amir Jafar 2011/4 72-80
5. Combining resources and limiting the change boundary: the case of an ERP system implementation Daniel Hjelmgren 2011/2 8-19
6. Consumer attitudes towards brands in times of great price sensitivity. Four case studies Josep-Francesc Valls 2011/2 60-70
7. Consumer behavior and brand preferences in organic grocery products. Store brands vs manufacturer brands Miguel Llorens 2011/3 109-115
8. Coordination of procurement activities with demand: an expanded conceptual model David R. Rink 2011/1 78-87
9. Cross-cultural analysis of the UK advertising content from non-UK perspectives Adilla Anggraeni 2011/4 93-107
10. Determinants of electronic branding: an exploratory study Horst Treiblmaier 2011/4 21-27
11. Developing an assistive service offering for aging citizens Antti Vanhala 2011/2 71-80
12. Eco-labels as signals: the role of credibility and reputation Monica Carmona 2011/3 116-124
13. The effect of variety offering on demand and supermarket competition: yogurt in the Houston metropolitan area Madiha Zaffou 2011/3 8-18
14. Electronic intermediaries: research and practice of electronic intermediaries in export marketing Hyuksoo Cho 2011/3 62-73
15. An empirical analysis of synthesizing the effects of service quality, perceived value, corporate image and customer satisfaction on behavioral intentions in the transport industry: a case of Taiwan high-speed rail Jonathan Hung-Che Wu 2011/3 83-99
16. An empirical assessment of stimulus presentation mode bias in conjoint analysis Debi P. Mishra 2011/4 108-121
17. An empirical estimation of price sensitivity differences among inner-city and suburban consumers: a look at breakfast cereals Eugene Jones 2011/4 60-71
18. An empirical study on face need effects on advertising of luxury Zhuomin Shi 2011/3 40-50
19. Enhancing sales relationship through customer centric visibility Rajagopal 2011/1 8-16
20. Entrepreneurial and innovative marketing: a systematic review of the literature Alex Maritz 2011/4 28-37
21. The examination of the antecedents of consumer attitude toward global brands from perspective of Turkish culture Tulin Ural 2011/1 88-101
22. The future of marketing: towards a theory of everything in marketing Bang Nguyen 2011/4 38-48
23. Gauging optimal selling prices from high-frequency sales data Colin Ellis 2011/1 60-65
24. An innovative approach for planning international investments Marcos Fava Neves 2011/1 26-32
25. Investigating the level of "opportunity to see": a case of advertisements on the roadside light emitting diode video screens Bideri Ishuheri Nyamulinda 2011/2 48-59
26. The linguistic analysis of brand names with the analytic hierarchy process and an application in Turkish biscuit market Ercan Taşkin 2011/1 108-114
27. The marketing revolution of Tim Tebow: a celebrity endorsement case study Mark E. Moore 2011/1 17-25
28. Marketing strategy in connection with sport Miloš Kosik 2011/2 92-98
29. A model for efficiency analysis of the customer satisfaction process Herbert F. Lewis 2011/1 33-45
30. A new marketing education concept for "Integrated Education in Green Promotion" based on Mezirow's perspective George S. Spais 2011/3 19-39
31. Paying attention to spend time: a cognitive and temporal model for digital consumption E. Vincent Carter 2011/3 74-82
32. Prague after 1989: planning and marketing the future Theodore Metaxas 2011/2 81-91
33. Relationship marketing: old wine in a new bottle? Carlos Brito 2011/1 66-77
34. Risk management and insurance: a missing link in marketing thought and practice Odo Cosmas Ogobuchi 2011/1 102-107
35. Sensorial brand strategies for value co-creation Clarinda Rodrigues 2011/2 40-47
36. Social marketing: lessons for managing social media initiatives Patrick J. Bateman 2011/3 100-108
37. A stochastic model for market opportunity assessment Yushan Zhao 2011/1 54-59
38. Success determinants of new products launched by foreign companies in Brazil Andre Torres Urdan 2011/4 49-59
39. Supermarket competition during the price war: the case of Dallas-Fort Worth milk market Benaissa Chidmi 2011/4 8-20
40. Trust or satisfaction in a relational approach. The case of financial institutions and high-tech firms Raoul Graf 2011/4 81-92
41. Ukraine's global strategy in the post-crisis economy: developing an intelligent nation to achieve a competitive advantage Norm Bedford 2011/1 46-53
42. Will multiple endorsements communication strategy by a celebrity work in educated consumer segment? Rajesh Kumar Srivastava 2011/2 99-105