Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2011

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. An analysis of intraday return order imbalance relation to stealth trading Han-Ching Huang 2011/1 (cont.) 234-242
2. An analysis of the efficiency of associations in providing financial stability: the case of Turkish banking system Ali Sen 2011/1 (cont.) 210-218
3. Application of FAHP in the measurement model of intellectual capital in service industry Tsai-Yuan Lin 2011/3 148-160
4. Application of machine learning algorithms for business failure prediction Sinan Aktan 2011/2 52-65
5. Assessing the determinants of mergers in financial holding companies: a multi-method examination Li-Min Chuang 2011/2 96-102
6. A behavioral explanation of the asset allocation puzzle Enrico De Giorgi 2011/4 36-44
7. Capital structure decision of new technology-based firms: evidence from youth entrepreneurship Lucio Cassia 2011/4 72-82
8. Convergence to market efficiency for Taiwan 50 index added stocks Han-Ching Huang 2011/2 17-25
9. Corporate governance reform and earnings management Juo-Lien Wang 2011/4 109-118
10. Countercyclical monetary policy in major economies of the Commonwealth of Independent States Serhiy Kozmenko 2011/4 8-19
11. Determinants of firms performance: some Chinese evidence Lalith Seelanatha 2011/3 28-38
12. Determinants of mergers: a case of specified purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) Milan Lakićević 2011/3 114-120
13. Did investors feel fairer after Regulation Fair Disclosure? Evidence from abnormal trading volume before earnings announcements Donglin Li 2011/1 8-18
14. Does intellectual capital matter for firms performance? Some evidence from accounting data Wen-Chung Guo 2011/4 83-95
15. Does the level of intellectual property rights have different effects on inter- and intra-industry trade? Nasser R. Al-Mawali 2011/4 119-122
16. Dollar exposure of East Asian firms: new evidence Robert Joliet 2011/2 78-95
17. The effects of financial modernization on market efficiency: the case of the Mexican stock market Xavier Garza-Gomez 2011/3 89-101
18. An empirical analysis of labor agreements on Spanish Stock Market Ana María Sabater Marcos 2011/2 26-38
19. Exotic options with Lévy Processes: the Markovian approach Sergio Ortobelli Lozza 2011/1 (cont.) 140-156
20. Expiration-day effects, settlement mechanism, and market structure: an empirical examination of Taiwan futures exchange Chia-Cheng Chen 2011/1 80-87
21. Extension of break-even analysis for payment default prediction: evidence from small firms Erkki K. Laitinen 2011/4 96-108
22. Financial statement analysis: a Trickle-Down benchmarked factor analytic approach Chuo-Hsuan Lee 2011/3 39-49
23. Gender diversity on Boards of Directors and business success Nuria Reguera Alvarado 2011/1 (cont.) 199-209
24. Gold, crude oil and the weekend effect: a probability distribution approach Hai-Chin Yu 2011/2 39-51
25. The holiday effect in Central and Eastern European financial markets Olga Dodd 2011/4 29-35
26. Impact of bankruptcy law reform on capital markets in Brazil Padma Kadiyala 2011/1 31-41
27. The impact of governance and productivity on stock returns in European industrial companies Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini 2011/4 20-28
28. The impact of stock exchange performance of selected French privatized firms Hassan Obeid 2011/1 42-52
29. The impact of the subprime financial crisis on stock index returns for high- and low-risk countries via CDS indices Hao Fang 2011/4 123-137
30. Indicators DZ and RDZ: essence, methods of calculation, signals and rules of trading Serhiy Kozmenko 2011/3 50-57
31. The influence of profitability on firm value with capital structure as the mediator and firm size and industry as moderators Li-Ju Chen 2011/3 121-129
32. Information quality and analyst forecast accuracy George Li 2011/3 69-79
33. Interactions and three significant international events of the Pacific basin stock markets. Is U.S. stock market still a trail blazer? Ai-Chi Hsu 2011/2 66-77
34. Investment opportunities and stock liquidity: evidence from DJIM index additions in the Persian Gulf states Mehdi Sadeghi 2011/1 53-62
35. Investor sentiment spillover effects between the futures and spot markets Yu-Min Wang 2011/1 63-71
36. Mispricing in stock index futures markets the case of Greece Athanasios P. Fassas 2011/2 103-109
37. MMM in the finance-growth nexus Achmad Tohirin 2011/3 130-147
38. The modeling of equilibrium of the reinsurance markets in Germany, France and Ukraine: comparative characteristics Olha Kozmenko 2011/2 8-16
39. Modern portfolio diversification using iShares: correlation and return gaps Natalya Delcoure 2011/3 9-27
40. The motivations and investment preferences of Chinese investors who migrate to New Zealand Andy Godfrey 2011/3 80-88
41. Multinational investment structure and financial asset performance: evidence from Germany Thomas Kollruss 2011/3 102-113
42. Pension fund share transactions and board dynamics the UK evidence Tongyu Cao 2011/1 104-114
43. The pension separation theorem Roger Gay 2011/1 19-30
44. Phenomenological research and its potential for understanding financial models Michael S. Wilson 2011/1 (cont.) 186-190
45. Portfolio optimization in a mean-semivariance framework Vigdis Boasson 2011/3 58-68
46. The post-acquisition performance of acquired owner-managed firms Charlotte Feys 2011/1 72-79
47. The predictive power of forward rates: a re-examination for Germany Diana Afanasenko 2011/1 (cont.) 125-139
48. Price clustering in earning announcements and trading time in Hong Kong stock market Vivian Xiaowei Kong 2011/1 (cont.) 219-233
49. Return performance, leverage effect, and volatility spillover in Islamic stock indices evidence from DJIMI, FTSEGII and KLSI Mohamed Albaity 2011/3 161-171
50. Returns to defaulted corporate bonds Hekan Thorsell 2011/1 (cont.) 158-185
51. Risk and returns of hedge funds investment strategies Vigdis Boasson 2011/2 110-121
52. Simple formulas for financial analysts for pricing zero-dividend and positive-dividend stocks Sanjay K. Nawalkha 2011/1 (cont.) 157-167
53. Time-varying beta risk for the stocks of the Athens Stock Exchange: a multivariate approach Argyrios Volis 2011/1 (cont.) 191-198
54. Underpricing and underwriter wealth gains William Johnson 2011/4 45-63
55. Valorization and financialization in cognitive biocapitalism Andrea Fumagalli 2011/1 88-103
56. Weekend effect in realizing gains and losses Mei-Chen Lin 2011/4 64-71