Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #3/2011

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Contents of issue

Natalya Delcoure
Modern portfolio diversification using iShares: correlation and return gaps
Lalith Seelanatha
Determinants of firms' performance: some Chinese evidence
Chuo-Hsuan Lee, Edward J. Lusk, Michael Halperin
Financial statement analysis: a Trickle-Down benchmarked factor analytic approach
Serhiy Kozmenko, Oleksiy Plastun   
Indicators DZ and RDZ: essence, methods of calculation, signals and rules of trading
Vigdis Boasson, Emil Boasson, Zhao Zhou
Portfolio optimization in a mean-semivariance framework
George Li, Donglin Li, Ming Li
Information quality and analyst forecast accuracy
Andy Godfrey, Roger Su, Keith Hooper
The motivations and investment preferences of Chinese investors who migrate to New Zealand
Xavier Garza-Gomez, Massoud Metghalchi
The effects of financial modernization on market efficiency: the case of the Mexican stock market
Thomas Kollruss
Multinational investment structure and financial asset performance: evidence from Germany
Milan Lakićević, Miloš Vulanović
Determinants of mergers: a case of specified purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)
Li-Ju Chen, Shun-Yu Chen
The influence of profitability on firm value with capital structure as the mediator and firm size and industry as moderators
Achmad Tohirin, Abdul Ghafar Ismail
MMM in the finance-growth nexus
Tsai-Yuan Lin, Li-Min Chuang, Min-Yen Chang, Jia-Ling Huang
Application of FAHP in the measurement model of intellectual capital in service industry
Mohamed Albaity, Rubi Ahmad
Return performance, leverage effect, and volatility spillover in Islamic stock indices evidence from DJIMI, FTSEGII and KLSI