Journal "Problems and Perspectives in Management ", #2/2011

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Contents of issue

SECTION 1. Macroeconomic processes and regional economies management
Krista Tuulik, Ruth Alas, Peeter Lorents, Erika Matsak
Values in institutional context
SECTION 2. Management in firms and organizations
Kurt Matzler, Johann Füller, Thomas Kohler, Daniel Stieger
Avatar based innovation: how avatars experience co-creation projects in second life
Kimmo Alajoutsijärvi, Heidi Moisanen, Risto T. Salminen
In search of relevance in management education: three perspectives
Solveiga Buoziute-Rafanaviciene, Tadas Šarapovas, Aurelijus Cvilikas
Executive successor attributes in the context of executive succession
G.Sithamparam Arumugam, Vinitha Guptan, Balachandran Shanmugam
Market orientation in a GLC: evidence from Malaysia
SECTION 3. General issues in management
Jarle Aarstad, Marcus Selart, Sigurd Troye
Advice seeking network structures and the learning organization
Arcan Tuzcu, Nuray Esatoğlu
Factors of success in information technologies projects: evidence from capital of Turkey, Ankara
Anil Chandrakumara
Value of values for practicing managers and leaders
SECTION 4. Practitioner's corner
A.G. Sheard, N.K. Kakabadse, A.P. Kakabadse
Leadership entrapment: the other side of discretion