Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", Annual Index/2010

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Adjustment costs, errors in risk weights, and banks balance sheets: the 1988 Basel Accord revisited Kevin Jacques 2010/1 4-11
2. Are Spanish commercial banks rationing credit? The dynamics of the loan-deposit gap Emilio Congregado 2010/2 51-58
3. AVGARCHM model in value-at-risk of financial holdings in Taiwan Yongchern Su 2010/3 129-136
4. Bank equities: the best choice of investments M. Madhavi 2010/2 121-124
5. Bank firm relationship and firm performance under a state-owned bank system: evidence from China Weimin Cao 2010/3 68-79
6. Bank-based financial intermediation for financial inclusion and inclusive growth Vighneswara Swamy 2010/4 63-73
7. The banking sector in the Baltics Alenka Kavkler 2010/3 87-96
8. Banks great bailout of 2008-2009 Michele Fratianni 2010/2 4-19
9. Borrower-lender distance and its impact on small business lenders during the financial crisis Lakshmi Balasubramanyan 2010/3 61-67
10. Choice and performance of corporate governance mechanisms in the German financial sector and the financial crisis Markus Stiglbauer 2010/3 33-42
11. Cost and profit efficiency of Islamic banks: international evidence using the stochastic frontier approach Izah Mohd Tahir 2010/4 78-83
12. The credit channel transmission of monetary policy in the European Union: a panel data approach Cândida Ferreira 2010/2 230-240
13. The demand for excess reserves in Turkey Anıl Talaslı 2010/4 47-53
14. A discrete choice approach to model credit card fraud Pulina Manuela 2010/2 79-85
15. Early warning systems for systemic banking risk: critical review and modeling implications Dieter Gramlich 2010/2 199-211
16. E-business with special reference to on-line banking of Bangladesh: an analysis Muhammad Mahboob Ali 2010/2 156-172
17. Efficiency in the Japanese trust banking industry: a stochastic distance function approach Nobuyoshi Yamori 2010/2 86-95
18. Efficiency of banking in Turkey before and after the crises Ahmet Faruk Aysan 2010/2 179-198
19. Financial leverage and the channeling of resources: profit loss sharing under the framework of Islamic financial institutions Hicham Benjelloun 2010/4 74-77
20. The Financial Services Reform Act and Australian bank risk Bernard Bollen 2010/1 58-64
21. For a new system of international payments Alvaro Cencini 2010/1 47-57
22. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) banking sector: topography and analysis Abdullah Al-Hassan 2010/3 15-28
23. How did Islamic banks do during global financial crisis? Sat Paul Parashar, Jyothi Venkatesh 2010/4 54-62
24. The inflation-unemployment trade-off and the significance of the interest rate: some evidence from the United Kingdom Tao Chen 2010/1 87-91
25. Institutional, nominal and real convergence in Europe Enrico Marelli 2010/2 140-155
26. The integration of banking and commerce: a global perspective Hsin-Yu Liang 2010/3 5-14
27. Internal models (IRB) in Basel II: an approach to determining the probability of default Reyes Samaniego Medina 2010/2 222-229
28. Is financial innovation influenced by financial liberalization? Evidence from the Tunisian banking industry Mabrouk Abir 2010/3 97-111
29. Italian deposits time series forecasting via functional data analysis Gabriella Piscopo 2010/1 12-19
30. The leading effects of Fed funds target interest rate Sadullah Çelik 2010/1 65-70
31. The lending channel in emerging economies: are foreign banks different? Marco Arena 2010/2 20-50
32. Liquidity policy in crisis and twelve theses for future central bank policy Dietrich Schönwitz 2010/2 132-139
33. Loan policy and bank performance: evidence from Taiwan Hsien-Chang Kuo 2010/2 108-120
34. Market structure, efficiency and performance of banking industry in Sri Lanka Lalith Seelanatha 2010/1 20-31
35. Measuring the stability of the demand for money function in Egypt Ibrahim L. Awad 2010/1 71-75
36. Mitigating the procyclicality of capital requirements: an empirical assessment of CEBSs proposals Jérôme Coffinet 2010/3 29-32/TD>
37. Modeling the default spread for bank loans Paulo Horta 2010/2 212-221
38. Modeling value at risk of financial holding company: time varying vs. traditional models Yong-Chern Su 2010/1 76-86
39. A parsimonious default prediction model for Italian SMEs Chiara Pederzoli 2010/4 5-9
40. Profitability, efficiency and growth in the private banking industry: evidence from Switzerland and Liechtenstein Johann Burgstaller 2010/4 10-20
41. Regional inflation and monetary policy in China Jun Nagayasu 2010/4 21-31
42. Regulatory requirements and commercial banks' lending rate: some theoretical perspectives Sarat C. Dhal 2010/2 221-246
43. Review of the literature on credit risk modeling: development of the past 10 years Chengcheng Hao 2010/3 43-60
44. The role of foreign banks in the Albanian economic system Raffaella Barone 2010/2 59-69
45. Specifics of national debt management and its consequences for the Ukrainian economy Anatoliy Yepifanov 2010/4 42-46
46. Technical and scale efficiency of Indonesian rural banks Abdul Mongid 2010/3 80-86
47. Testing for market discipline in the Brazilian banking industry Marcia P. Romera 2010/3 112-128
48. Wealth effects on consumption: evidence from the Euro area Ricardo M. Sousa 2010/2 70-78
49. What influences net interest rate margins? Developed versus developing countries Jesús Gustavo Garza-García 2010/4 32-41
50. What is the importance of regulation and transparency in the subprime crisis? Helder Ferreira de Mendonça 2010/1 32-46
51. Why do banks go public? Evidence from the 2005-2007 wave of Brazilian bank IPOs Rafael Schiozer 2010/2 96-107
52. World currency options market efficiency Ariful Hoque 2010/2 173-178