Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2010

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Accounting standards, law original, tax rates and the development of corporate debt security markets Fude Cheng 2010/2 133-148
2. Alterations in monetary transmission mechanism in Egypt in the wake of the triple-F crisis Monal Abdel-Baki 2010/2 217-227
3. An analysis of SAM pricing in the UK Austin Murphy 2010/3 91-104
4. Analysis of the relationship between working capital policy and operating risk: an empirical study on Jordanian industrial companies Faris Nasif Al-Shubiri 2010/2 167-176
5. Analysts decision on initiating or discontinuing coverage and future firm performance Jerry Sun 2010/3 8-21
6. Bank lending channel in Chinas monetary policy transmission mechanism: a VECM approach Shuzhang Sun 2010/2 59-71
7. The bank: controller or predator in the governance of nonfinancial firms? Pablo de Andres Alonso 2010/1 24-36
8. Broad market risk for sector fund of funds: a copula-based dependence approach Michael Stein 2010/2 36-44
9. A capital structure model with growth Robert M. Hull 2010/4 55-69
10. Causality between openness and indigenous factors among world economies Xianbo Zhou 2010/2 159-166
11. Determinants of the asymmetric gold market Apostolos Kiohos 2010/4 26-33
12. Development under a concessionary agreement: a real option approach Walailuck Chavanasporn 2010/2 119-132
13. Deviation from normality and Sharpe ratio behavior: a brief simulation study Hayette Gatfaoui 2010/4 106-118
14. Differences in the development of the Latin American microfinance market: identifying reasons Annabel Vanroose 2010/3 41-53
15. Dividend yield investment strategies in the Taiwan stock market Chun-Fan You 2010/2 189-199
16. Dividend, debt, and investment policies as corporate governance mechanism Mutamimah 2010/2 209-216
17. Do acquisitions create value? Evidence from the US and the European bank acquisitions during financial crisis Rafiqul Bhuyan 2010/4 8-25
18. Does industrial financial analysis affect stock returns? International empirical evidence Melita Charitou 2010/3 115-124
19. Earnings management and audit adjustments: an empirical study of listed companies Oriol Amat 2010/1 50-61
20. Earnings management, corporate governance, and auditors opinions: a financial distress prediction model Hsiao-Fen Hsiao 2010/3 29-40
21. The economic consequences of accelerated vesting of employee stock options Fayez A. Elayan 2010/4 39-54
22. Employees, firm size and profitability in U.S. manufacturing industries John R. Becker-Blease 2010/2 7-23
23. The equity premium puzzle and inflation-protected securities Avner Bar-Ilan 2010/1 84-89
24. An evaluation of equity diversified mutual funds: the case of the Indian market Rajesh R. Duggimpudi 2010/4 77-84
25. The evaluation of intangibles: introducing the optional capital Christophe Bouteiller 2010/4 85-92
26. Evans and Archer forty years later Hicham Benjelloun 2010/1 98-104
27. The failure of BRIC equities as a diversifying agent for US investors: a note Vrishali Javeri 2010/2 45-48
28. The fair value of pension liabilities: the case of embedded option in scenario analysis Rosa Cocozza 2010/2 149-158
29. Financial education and consumers willingness to change behavior Swarn Chatterjee 2010/3 73-81
30. How growth opportunities are related to corporate leverage decisions? Hayat M. Awan 2010/1 90-97
31. Illicit accounting practice and corporate earnings irregularities W. David Allen 2010/1 7-13
32. Impact of tick size reduction on the volatility components: the case of the Taiwanese stock exchange Tzung-Yuan Hsieh 2010/3 65-72
33. Improve the yen carry trade with economic fundamentals Ming Li 2010/4 93-105
34. Improving accuracy and precision of value-at-risk forecasts Yihui Lan 2010/4 119-130
35. The incorporation of risk into the clean-surplus valuation model: evidence from UK stocks Stella N. Spilioti 2010/3 82-90
36. The interaction between individual and industry momentum Hsiao-Hung Chu 2010/2 72-80/TD>
37. Pricing interest rate derivatives under different interest rate modeling: a critical and empirical comparison Antonio De Simone 2010/2 49-58
38. Profitability and causality of order imbalance based trading strategy in hedge stocks Yong-Chern Su 2010/1 14-23
39. Profits from technical analysis: an empirical evidence of precious metal markets Zheng-Wei Lin 2010/4 131-141
40. Ranking of mutually exclusive investment projects how cash flow differences can solve the ranking problem Christian Kalhoefer 2010/2 81-86
41. Research on the IPO underpricing of the Hong Kong growth enterprise market Chao Deng 2010/3 105-114
42. Risk and performance attribution Joel R. Barber 2010/3 22-28
43. The role of cross-sectional dispersion in active portfolio management Larry R. Gorman 2010/3 54-64
44. The role of Top Management Teams behind investors valuation of entrepreneurial IPOs Lucio Cassia 2010/2 177-188
45. Short sales constraints and stock price behavior: evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange Feng-Yu Lin 2010/2 24-35
46. The small firm and other confounding effects in asset pricing data: some evidence from Australian markets Bernard Bollen 2010/4 70-76
47. Speculation and nonlinear price dynamics in commodity futures markets Christof Sigl-Grub 2010/1 62-76
48. Tax optimal cross border debt financing under the new German Thin-Capitalization-Rule (German interest barrier) Intra fiscal group cross-border debt financing via a foreign fiscal group finance branch Thomas Kollruss 2010/2 87-99
49. Temporal links between the Asia-Pacific and international stock markets: 1971-2010 George Milunovich 2010/2 200-208
50. Testing of the international capital asset pricing model with Markov switching model in emerging markets Turhan Korkmaz 2010/1 37-49
51. Wavelet perspective of time varying dynamic of Chinese, Indian and other major markets Gurcharan Singh Pritam Singh 2010/2 100-107
52. Will mutual fund managers follow the leaders? Mei-Chen Lin 2010/1 77-83
53. Working capital management practices of manufacturing sector companies in Sri Lanka: survey evidence K.L. Wasantha Perera 2010/4 34-38