Journal "Banks and Bank Systems", #2/2010

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Contents of issue

Michele Fratianni, Francesco Marchionne 
Banks great bailout of 2008-2009
Marco Arena, Carmen Reinhart, Francisco Vázquez
The lending channel in emerging economies: are foreign banks different?
Emilio Congregado, Juan Jose De La Vega, Juan Jose Garcia-Machado, Antonio Anibal Golpe
Are Spanish commercial banks rationing credit? The dynamics of the loan-deposit gap
Raffaella Barone, Donatella Porrini 
The role of foreign banks in the Albanian economic system
Ricardo M. Sousa 
Wealth effects on consumption: evidence from the Euro Area
Manuela Pulina, Paba Antonello
A discrete choice approach to model credit card fraud
Nobuyoshi Yamori, Kozo Harimaya
Efficiency in the Japanese trust banking industry: a stochastic distance function approach 
Rafael Schiozer, Raquel F. Oliveira, Richard Saito
Why do banks go public? Evidence from the 2005-2007 wave of Brazilian bank IPOs
Hsien-Chang Kuo, Lie-Huey Wang, Yi-Hsun Lai, Shuhui Yu, Chinfu Wu
Loan policy and bank performance: evidence from Taiwan
M. Madhavi, R. Radhika
Bank equities: the best choice of investments